Collegiates Groups

Dickey Lee (w The Collegiates) – Dream Boy/ Stay True Baby, ’57 (Tampa 131)


Dickey Lee & The Collegiates – Good Lovin’/ Memories Never Grow Old, ’57 (Sun 280)


Dickey Lee – Fool, Fool, Fool/ Dreamy Nights, ’58 (Sun 297) (The book credited the BB as the Collegiates.)



The book listed the following as one group under (2).  By label location information found, they are likely separate groups.  Additional information is needed.

Collegiates (Unknown Grp) – Restless Lover/ Brief Romance, ’59 (Capo 001) (A-side scan found.)


Collegiates (West VA) (w The Classmates) – Say Hello To My Angel/ What Is A Dream, ’60 (Campus 10) (Scans as/ 45cat.)


Collegiates (Miami) – Heartaches Don’t Care/ The Effigy, ’61 (Campus 123)

(No scans were found. There is an interesting story regarding the Miami Campus label on….)


Collegiates (Philadelphia) – I Had A Dream/ Growing Up, ’61 (Heritage 105) (Scans found.  The titles appear on discography for label.)



Collegiates (NY Label) (Harold Teen & The) – The Genevieve Jump/ Moon Over Miami, ’60 (Goldisc 3014) {I}

(Scans were found.  Both sides are instrumental.)


Collegiates (Logan Ohio) – A Kid In His Teens/ Teenage Plea, ’60 (RD Globe 009)

(Scans found.)


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