Co-Eds & Coeds Groups

Co-Eds (NYC) (ft Gwen Edwards)

– Love You Baby All The Time/ I Beg Your Forgiveness, ’56 (Old Town 1027)

– I Love An Angel/ I’m In Love, ’57 (Old Town 1033)

  • Scans were also found for Old Town 1003 (red vinyl).
  • Both the original and an up-tempo version (Alt Version) of ‘I’m In Love’ play on youtube.


Co-Eds (NY-Male Group) – With All My Heart/ A Man, ’59 (Dwain 802)


Co-Eds (NY-Female Group) – Time After Time/ To Be Or Not To Be, ’61 (Sheryl 337)


Co-Eds (Chicago Label-Female Lead)

– When It’s Over/ Annabelle Lee (Adaptation From The Edgar Allen Poe Poem), ’61 (Cha Cha 715 & Checker 996)

  • No scan for Checker.

– The Magic Of Our Love/ Heart Throb, ’62 (USA 724)

  • Title corrections on both sides.  Have not heard either side.


All sides share writing credits of: Hanson-Blair-Klier.


Coeds (Pennsylvania)

– Juke Box/ Big Chief, ’58 (Cameo 129)

  • No scans found.
  • Some sources also list these titles on Swan 4004 in 1957.  No scans found.

– La La (Lessons Of Cha Cha Cha)/ Juke Box, ’58 (Cameo 134)


Group spelling based on scan found for Cameo 134.


Johnny Maestro (w The Coeds) – Mr Happiness/ Test Of Love, ’61 (Coed 552)

  • As/ Soulfulkindamusic the gms are: John Mastrangelo, Talmadge Gough, Harold Torres, And Jay Carter.


Johnny Maestro (w The Coeds-uncredited) – IOU/ The Way You Look Tonight, ’61 (Coed 557)


Blossoms as Coeds – Son-In-Law/ I’ll Wait, ’61 (Challenge 9109)

  • All scans found for ‘Challenge 9109’ credit The Blossoms.
  • A scan variation (#9109) credits ‘I’ll Wait’ as The Coeds.
    • The flip ‘Son-In-Law’ is credited to The Blossoms.


Coeds (With The Tokens (Brooklyn NY)) – Mark My Words/ You’re My First Love, ’64 (Swing 101)

  • The book listed as Coeds (With The Tokens).  ‘Mark My Words’ has a female lead and appears like the Tokens doing BV.  I have not heard ‘You’re My First Love.’ 
  • The following quote appears on
    • Conversely it could well be that The Coeds ‘You’re My First Love’/ ‘Mark My Words’ (Swing 101) IS The Tokens with an unnamed female vocalist.


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  1. Another group of Co-Eds (Feat Gwen Edwards) on Old Town 1027 & 1023 – 1957 & 57.

    • Since the Old Town Co-Eds were the only group of Co-Eds not in the post, they’ve been added to complete all Co-Eds artists listed in the book.

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