Clusters Groups

Clusters (NYC) (Gus Colletti & The)

– Hold My Hand/ Without Your Love, ’57 (Tin Pan Alley 206)

– Sample Kiss/ My Darling Wait For Me, ’57 (Tin Pan Alley 207)


by Gus Colletti

– Sample Kiss/ Without Your Love, ’58 (Tin Pan Alley 208)

– Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (Unreleased)


Clusters (Brooklyn, New York)

– Darling Can’t You Tell/ Pardon My Heart, ’58 (Tee Gee 102 & End 1115, ’62)

– Long Legged Maggie/ Forecast Of Our Love, ’59 (Epic 9330) lists the gms as:  Charlie Scardina, Tom Mordente, Donnie Milo, Henri Rico Ferro, Joe Gugliaro.