Clouds Groups

Clouds (Chicago)

– Baby Wants To Rock (Recorded 1956), ’74 (Broadcast 1002)

– Say You Love Me, ’90 (Parrot-unreleased & Relic LP 5088 1-6)

– I Do/ Rock And Roll Boogie, ’56 (Cobra 5001)



Clouds (LA Male Group)

– TV Mixup/ Darling I Love You ’59 (Round 1007-08)

(Scans found.  Writing credits for B-side are ‘cootes-perry-dowling-croft-ganey.)


– All I Do Is Worry/ Baby It’s Me, ’61 (Skylark 116)

(Group members are said to be Jerry Ganey (Lead), Roy Perry, Jerry Dowling & Don Craft.  Group member confirmation is needed.  No information was found if this is the same Cloud group who backed Donna Dee on Ramada.)



Clouds (Unknown Origin) (Little Sunny Day & The) – Lou Ann/ Baby Doll, ’61 (Tandem 7001)



Clouds (LA-Male Group) (Donna Dee & The) (ref Donna Loren) – The More I See Him/ (Oo-Wee) Can’t You See, ’61 (Ramada 501)

(Donna Loren ( also recorded ‘It’s Almost Christmas Time’ as Donna Zuker on Fable 603 and ‘Honey Buggie/Keeping Company’ as Barbie Ames on Skylark #106 in 1960.)



Clouds (LA) (Prod-Bill Medley) – A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening/ Say Hey Hey, ’63 (Vous 1000)


Clouds (LA) (Prod-Bill Medley) – My Tears Will Go Away/ Night Owl, ’64 (Medley 1001)


2 thoughts on “Clouds Groups

  1. The Clouds Round Group is the same Clouds As The Los As Clouds (LA Male Group)
    ROUND 1007 T.V. MIXUP 1007 01:53 ^27962 03/–/59 DARLING I LOVE YOU 1008 02:12 ^27961
    SKYLARK S-116 ALL I DO IS WORRY S-6861 01:55 ^39401-X 05/–/61 BABY IT’S ME S-6862 02:35 ^39401

    • Thanks for the info on the Round and Skylark group. Post now links them. Johnny Angel, who was with the Dodgers on Skylark #117-119 is uncredited on #116. Was he also with the earlier Clouds group?

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