– A Teenager’s First Love/ Jive Time Turkey, ’58 (Dice 83-84)

– Warm Soft And Lovely/ Why Oh Why, ’59 (Dice 94-95)

– Where Is He/ The Lone Lover, ’60 (Guyden 2043)

– Dreams Come True/ Kiss And Make It Better (BJM 10)

  • Scans found.


as Click-Etts – But Not For Me/ I Love You I Swear, ’58 (Dice 100)


as Click-Ettes – Lover’s Prayer/ Grateful, ’59 (Dice 96-97)


as Click-Etts – To Be A Part Of You/ Because Of My Best Friend, ’60 (Dice 92-93)

as Clicketts – To Be A Part Of You/ Because Of My Best Friend, ’60 (Dice 92-93)


gms:  Barbara Jean English, Sylvia Hammond, Trudy McCartney & Charlotte McCartney.

  • Shirley Bryant appears in Clickettes’ publicity shots (far right) and sometimes appears with them in live performances.


Fashions (Manhattan-NY) (ref Barbara English)

– All I Want/ Dearest One, ’61 (Warwick 646)

– Fairy Tales/ Please Let It Be Me, ’62 (Elmor 301)


as Fashions (Manhattan-NY) (Barbara English & The)

– We Need Them/ Ta-Ta-Tee-Ta-Ta, ’62 (Roulette 4428)

  • Not in book.

– Fever/ Bad News, ‘62 (Roulette 4450)


gms:  Jeanne Bolden, Barbara Jean English, Helen Powell & Barbara Saunders.


NOTE:  Until recently, most sources agreed The Avalons and The Clickettes were the same group.  The following sheds some light on the error.


Avalons (Bronx) are The Teen Clefs (ref Shirley Bryant) – Louella , ’58 (Dice 90)

  • As/ a John Clemente youtube comment in 2018?, the lead singer on Louella is the younger brother of Shirley Bryant (of The Teen Clefs ’There Goes Sputnick/ Hiding My Tears (With A Smile)).
    • Both The Teen Clefs and Avalons (Bronx), along with the Clickettes, recorded for the ’Dice’ label.)


Avalons (Bronx) may also be The Teen Clefs – You Broke Our Hearts, ’58 (Dice 91)

  • It’s presently unconfirmed (Mar 13 2019) if this is the same Avalons or an unknown group of [Avalons (Bronx)].
  • The lead as [Johnnie Richardson] is also unconfirmed.
  • Writing credits for the title ‘You Broke Our Hearts’ is Johnnielouise Richardson.
    • An unreleased song of the same title, credited to Johnnie & Joe [Johnnie Louise Richardson, Joe Rivers] is a different song than the one issued on Dice 91.


New Clickettes  – I Just Can’t Help It/ I Just Can’t Help It (Sing Along Track) {I}, ’63 (Checker 1060)

  • Zell Sanders owned the Clickettes name.
  • Members of this Clickettes group are: Lezli Valentine, Marie Hood and Louise Harris who also released songs under one of Sanders’ inter-related Hearts groups.


as Hearts (NY)

– I Understand Him/ I Understand Him (‘Sing-along’ track), ’63 (Tuff 373)

– Dear Abby/ Dear Abby (Sing Along Track) {I}, ’63 (Tuff 370)


Clickettes (Angie & The) error – Tommy, ’59 (Apt 25080)

  • By Angie & The Chicklettes b/w Treat Him Tender, Maureen (Now That Ringo Belongs To You).
  • Book also entered under the Chicklettes.


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