CL Weldon/Pictures & Curtis Lee

Curtis Lee (Arizona) and CL (Weldon) & The Pictures (Texas) are different artists.  Artist credits have been confirmed through label scans.


Curtis Lee (Reliable sources say his early releases on the Warrior and Hot labels were made before he cut his first demo tape for Dunes Records in New York in 1960.  Both labels were located respectively in Hollywood and Los Angeles, California.)

– With All My Heart (I Love You)/ Pure Love, ’59 (Warrior 1555)

– I Never Knew What Love Could Do/ Gotta Have You, ’60 (Hot 7)

– Special Love/ D-In Love, ’60 (Dunes 2001)

– Calif. GL-903/ Then I’ll Know, ’60 (Dunes 801)

– Pledge Of Love/ Then I’ll Know, ’61 (Dunes 2003)

– Pretty Little Angel Eyes/ Gee How I Wish You Were Here, ’61 (Dunes 2007) (BV by The Halos)

– Under The Moon Of Love/ Beverly Jean, ’61 (Dunes 2008)

– Just Another Fool/ A Night At Daddy Gee’s, ’62 (Dunes 2012)

– The Wobble/ Does He Mean That Much To You, ’62 (Dunes 2015)

– Lonely Weekends/ Better Him Than Me, ’63 (Dunes 2020) (Book lists in error as CL & The Pictures.)

– Pickin’ Up The Pieces Of My Heart/ Mr Mistaker, ’63 (Dunes 2021) (Book lists in error as CL & The Pictures.)



CL (Weldon) & The Pictures

– Let’s Take A Ride/ I’m Asking Forgiveness, ’60 (Sabra 517 & Dunes 2010, ’62) (Book also listed Sabra 517 in error asby Curtis Lee.)

– Afraid/ Mary Go Round, ’62 (Dunes 2017)

– I’m Sorry/ That’s What’s Happening, ’63 (Dunes 2023)

– Love Will Find A Way/ Then You’ll Know, ’63 (Cadette 8005) (Book lists title in error as ‘Then I’ll Know’ which is the same title as the Curtis Lee Dunes 801 & 2003 releases.  Label scans confirm posted title and artist is CL & The Pictures.)

– For The Sake Of Love/ I’m Not A Know It All, ’64 (Kirk 635)

– He’ll Only Hurt You/ Talking About My Baby, ’64 (Kirk 639 & Monument 854)

– Could This Be Magic/ Yolanda, ’65 (Monument 888)

– Baby Not Now/ Jigsaw Puzzle, ’66 (Monument 958)


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