Citations Groups

Citations (Mass) – Take Me/ Phantom Freighter, ’59 (University 101)


Citations (PA Label) – It Hurts Me/ Kiss In The Night, ’61 (Don-El 113 & Clifton 23, ’77)


Citations (PA-Angela Label) (Angie & The) – Dance Her By Me/ Headache {I}, ’65 (Angela 102-Bootleg)


Mike Danchak posted this note on u-tube:  “We are ANGELA Recording Co. At the Angela Movie Theatre Coaldale, Pa. We didn’t make this record but I knew the people who did. I have a 45 of “Salt & Pepper”by Angie &? The Ciatations [sic]. Before we bought this theatre there were boxes of records with the Angela label stored here. I don’t know what happened to them.”  There is a label scan for I Wanna Dance on Angela RB 598 (1961) listing ‘Salt & Pepper’ as the flip under Angie & The Citations.


Citations (NY) as Nicki North & The Citations – Mystery Of Love/ Magic Eyes, ’62 (Canadian American 136 & Jason Scott 23, ’82)

  • No scan for Jason Scott.


Citations (NY) – Down Went The Curtain/ That Girl Of Mine, ’65 (MGM 13373)


Citations (Wisconsin Label) – Slippin’ And Slidin’/ Moon Race {I}, ’63 (Sara 3301 & Epic 9603)


Citations (Wisconsin Label) (Brad Meyers & The) – Just For You {I}/ I Don’t Love Her Anymore, ’62 (Sara 101)

  • Some list date as 1964.


Citations (Ohio) – The Girl Next Door/ Ten Miles From Nowhere, ’63 (Vangee 301 & Fraternity 910 & Fraternity 992, ’67)


Citations (Illinois) (Buddy & The) – Juvenile Delinquent/ Don’t Let Her Have Her Way, ’64 (IRC 6918)


Electras (West LA) as Citations – The Stomp/ Chicago, ’64 (Mercury 72286)


Citations (Soul Group) – I Will Stand By You/ (To Win The Race) Keep The Faith, ’67 (Ballad 101)


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