Chuck-A-Lucks Groups

Chuck-A-Lucks (Black Group-ref Arrow Records) – Heaven Knows (I Love You)/ Chuck-A-Luck, ’58 (Bow 305A & Candlelite 424, ’63) (Bow & Candlelite scans found.)



Chuck-A-Lucks (Texas)

– Who Am I/ The Devil’s Train, ’58 (Lin 5010)

– Disc Jockey Fever/ The Magic Of First Love, ’58 (Lin 5014)


Chuck-A-Lucks (Texas) (Tom Merriman Quintet) – Unconditional Surrender/ Tarzan’s Date, ’61 (Jubilee 5415)



The Chuck-A-Lucks – Sugar Cane Curtain/ Dingbat Diller, ’62 (Mel-o-dy 106) (Not in book.)



Chuck-A-Lucks (Unknown Origin)

– Pick Up And Deliver/ Long John, ’61 (Warner Bros 5198)

– Cotton Pickin’ Love/ I’m Hospitalized Over You, ’61 (Warner Bros 5234)


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