Chromatics Groups

Note: Other Artists connected with the Chromatics (Calif) were not listed in the book.

Chromatics (Calif) (Bob Williams & The) (w Ernie Freeman Orch) – I’ll Never Change/ Rockin’ Beat, ’55 (Blend 1006)

Chromatics (Calif) (w Ernie Freeman Orch) – Believe Me/ Who’s Fooling Who, ’55 (Blend 1005) (These sides were released after #1006.)


Chromatics (Calif) (Sherry Washington & The)

– La De Do De Do/ Here In The Darkness, ’55 (Million 2010)

– Wabble Loo/ Honey Bug, ’56 (Million 2016) (No scan for a-side.)


Chromatics (Calif) (ft Ben Hughes w Monroe Tucker Orch) – Don’t Know Why I Cry/ Tell A Lie, ’56 (Million 2014)


Chromatics (Calif) (w Hal Jackson’s Tornadoes) – Devil Blues, ’56 (Crest 1011)

Chromatics (Calif) as (Hal Jackson’s Tornadoes, Vocals By The Chromatics) – Wild, Man, Wild, ’56 (Crest 1011)



Chromatics (Unknown Group) – My Conscience/ Got To Keep Her Down On The Farm, ’60 (Ducky 716) (No scans or label info.)



Eddie Singleton & The Chromatics (New England) – Too Late/ Kiss A Kiss, Hug A Hug, ’58 (Amsco 3701)


Eddie Singleton & The Chromatics (New England) – Too Late (Brunswick 55080)

Little Augie Austin & The Chromatics (New England) – My Heart Let Me Be Free, ’58 (Brunswick 55080)


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