Chimes Groups

5 Chimes as Chimes (Bronx) – Dearest Darling/ A Fool Was I, ’53 (Royal Roost 577)


Flairs (Hollywood) as The Chimes – Love Me, Love Me, Love Me/ My Heart’s Crying For You, ’54 (Flair 1051)


Chimes (Los Angeles) as Jake Porter (Gene Moore & The Chimes) – Only A Dream/ Reap What You Sow, ’55 (Combo 63)


Chimes (Los Angeles)

– The Chimes Ring Out/ I’m Leaving Baby, ’55 (Specialty 549-Unreleased)

– Tears On My Pillow/ Zindy Lou, ’55 (Specialty 555)

– Pretty Little Girl/ Chop Chop, ’56 (Specialty 574)


Tony Allen & The Chimes (Los Angeles)

I/ Nite Owl, ’55 (Specialty 560)

  • Label credited, incorrectly, as ‘& The Champs’.

– Check Yourself, Baby/ Especially, ’56 (Specialty 570)


Chimes (Los Angeles) (Johnny Otis Orch) – Jonelle/ I Found An Angel, ’57 (Dig 148-Unreleased)


Five Pennies as Freddie Scott With The Chimes (NYC) – Please Call/ The Letter Came This Morning, ’57 (Arrow 724)


Five Pennies as Chimes (NYC) – Lovin’ Baby/ A Faded Memory, ’57 (Arrow 726)


Chimes (Unknown Origin)

– Angel Child/ Cry Cry Baby, ’57 (Limelight 3000)

– Du Wap/ Stop Look And Listen, ’57 (Limelight 3002)

– Nervous Heart/ When School Starts Again, ’57 (Reserve 120)


Limelight is a Mercury subsidiary.  Reserve is located in Cleveland.

  • The book listed both labels as the same group.  They sound alike.


Chimes (Detroit Michigan) (Willie Jones Accom by The) – I Need Love/ Coming Back To You, ’59 (Storm 501)

  • As/ a history on a youtube post, the Chimes, who accompanied Willie Jones, are a group of girls who were assigned to the Twirl label.
  • Storm Records is a subsidiary of Twirl Records.


Chimes (California) (Dave Burgess & The)

– I Don’t Want To Know/ Lulu, ’59 (Challenge 59037)

– Just For Me/ Everlovin’, ’59 (Challenge 59045)


Chimes (Unknown Group) – Tears From An Angel’s Eyes, ’59 (House Of Beauty 3)

No info found for group or title.  Label discography does not include this #.


Chimes (Brooklyn)

– Once In Awhile/ Summer Night, ’60 (Tag 444 & Musicnote 1101, ’61)

– I’m In The Mood For Love/ Only Love, ’61 (Tag 445)

– Let’s Fall In Love/ Dream Girl, ’61 (Tag 447)

– Who’s Heart Are You Breaking Now/ Baby’s Coming Home, ’63 (Metro 1 & Laurie 3211)


Chimes (Brooklyn) (Lenny & The)

– Paradise/ My Love, ’62 (Tag 450)

– Two Times Two/ Only Forever, ’64 (Vee Jay 605)


Chimes (Brooklyn) (Lenny Cocco & The) – New York City Lady/ Why Is Love So Bad, ’86 (Freedom 223)


Videls (RI) likely CHIMES – We Belong Together/ It’s All Over, ’63 (Musicnote 117)

  • Although label credits ‘Videls’, sources say the group is the Chimes.
  • The Videls say it is not them.


Chimes (Canada) (Leigh Bell & The) – Terry/ Eternity, ’61 (Rust 5031)

  • As/one source this is a teen group from Canada.


Chimes (Chicago) – Losing You Baby/ Swanee River Rock (Jay-Tee 1000)

  • No info was found for the group.
  • The book dated N/A. 


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