Chiffons (LA Girl Group)

According to John Clemente, author of ‘Girl Groups-Fabulous Females,’ the LA Chiffons girl group is unconnected to the ‘He’s So Fine’ Chiffons Group.

  • John Clemente’s correction can be found in biographies by many sources around the net.
    • As well, some still mix the two groups as one, with an old version of the ‘He’s So Fine’ Chiffons.

Group members are Cookie Robertson, Marie Love & Joyce Chapel.


Chiffons (LA)

– Tonight’s The Night/ Do You Know, ’60 (Big Deal 6003 & Zirkon 1012)

– Doctor Of Hearts/ After Last Night, ’62 (Reprise 20103)


as Unforgettables (LA)

Was It Alright/ It Hurts, ’61 (Colpix 192)

  • Writing credits on both sides: Sanders. 

– He’ll Be Sorry/ Oh There He Goes, ’61 (Titanic 5012)

  • Writing credits: Bobby Sanders/ Bobby Sanders-A Douglas.


Chiffons (Wildcat) – Never Never/ No More Tomorrows, ’61 (Wildcat 601)


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