Chevelles/Chevells & Related Spellings

The book lists six groups of Chevelles.  Many have no information to locate them or spell the group differently.


Chevelles (No Info Group) – I’m Sorry/ Love Is A Dangerous Game, ’64 (Infinity 029)

(No b-side scan found.)



Marvin Nash & The Chevelles (Texas))

– Dina/ Darling, ’63 (Pharaoh 115)

(Label scan for ‘Dina’ and record sleeve found.)


– Say A Prayer For Me (Pharaoh LP 1001)

(No scans.  Label info from  The book listed under Marvin Nash.)


Marvin Nash & The Chevelles (Texas) – Dina/ Happiness, ’63 (Courier 110-111)



Chevelles (Broadway NY) (Gloria Walker & The) – Walking With My New Love/ You Hit The Spot Baby, ’68 (Flaming Arrow 37) (Scans found.)



Chevells (Detroit) (Female) – It’s Goodbye/ Another Tear Must Fall, ’63 (Butane 777)

(As/ scans the group is Chevells.)



Chevells (Don & The) (ref The Critters) – The Only Girl/ Inner Limits, ’64 (Speedway 1000) (Scans found.)



Chevells – Pretty Little Girl (Justice 1004)

(No scans found.  The book listed as Chevells.)



Art Barron (w The Chevelle’s) – My Lucy Lou/ One Kiss, ’64 (Golden 100-101) (A-side scan found.)



Chavelles (Book mislisted as Chevelles.)

– Valley Of Love (Fast Version), ’73 (Relic LP 5007 (A-1))

– Red Tape, ’73 (Relic LP 5007 (B-8))

– Valley Of Love (Slow Version), ’73 (Relic LP 5007 (B-9))

(The group recorded Red Tape & Valley Of Love on Vita 127.)



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