Charmettes Groups

Charmettes (Memphis) – Skating In The Blue Light/ My Love With All My Heart, ’58 (Hi 2003)

  • A-side writing credit: FB Raines.


Charmettes (Chicago) – Johnny, Johnny/ School Letter, ’59 (Federal 12345)

  • Writing credits: Williams-Thompson.


Charmettes (Georgia) (& The Rhythem [sic] Ranch Boys) – Deeds To My Heart/ I Love You To The Nth Degree, ’60 (Mona 553)

  • Writing credits: Hubert Martin/ L Wever-M James.


As/youtube gms: Sharilyn Martin, Radean Martin & Susan Meriwhether who recorded for Mona.

To summarize the comment (see below), the group also recorded for Probe, Peach and PJ.  These recordings were not listed in the book.


Charmettes (LA Label) – Why Oh Why/ On A Night Like Tonight, ’62 (Tri-Disc 103)

  • No scans found.


See both comments.

The groups sound like two different girl groups.  And there is the label location discrepancy that also separates them.


Charmettes (California) (Margaret & The) – Too Much True Loving/ Donnie, ’62 (Markay 101)

  • No scans found.


See comment. 


Charmettes (Hialeah FL) – Surrendering My Love/ One More Time, ’62 (Marlin 16001)

  • Writing credits: C Reid. 


Gms: Loretta, Annetta & Mattie.  See comment.


Charmettes (Brooklyn)

– Please Don’t Kiss Me Again/ What Is A Tear, ’63 (Kapp 547)

  • Writing credits: Kenny Young. 

– Oozi-Oozi-Ooh/ He’s A Wise Guy, ’64 (Kapp 570)

  • Writing credits: Kenny Young.

– (Preacher Man) Stop The Wedding/ Sugar Boy, ’65 (World Artists 1053)

  • Producers: Young-Oehl-Resnick.


Gms: Clara Byrd, Mittie Ponder & Betty Simmons.


Charmettes (NY) – My Lover Is A Boy Scout/ Mailbox, ’64 (Mala 491)

  • Scans were found with writing credits as: Jerry Smith & Holmes-Watkins respectively.


See comment stating this is a ‘kids’ group.  I have not heard either side.


6 thoughts on “Charmettes Groups

      • A Charmettes group did songs for labels based in Alabama & Georgia. For AL., they were on Probe (Phenix City) & Mona (Hurtsboro). For GA., they were on Peach (Jefferson), & PJ (probably a private pressing, from unknown town in GA.?). And then there were Charmettes doing songs for other Southern locales: Marlin & Dade (both in FL.) & the earliest Charmettes 45 (on Hi, in Memphis). I used to correspond with Vern Edwards (a RAB/Doo-Wop artist on Probe who had worked with that Charmettes group), but alas, it’s too late to ask him about them). I don’t think that Margaret/Charmettes or Charnessa/Charmettes were related to the Southern Charmettes group(s), & neither were The Charmettes on Tri-Disc, Kapp, Federal, or World Artists. Finally, The Charmettes on Mala (1964) is a kids group unrelated to all of the above.

        • The details in your remarks on the Charmettes groups, help clarify the crediting of each group.

          Thanks for your comments. Your input is always welcome.

  1. “Donnie is on comps as Margaret & The Charmettes” because I put it on Million Dollars of GGs CD that way (as the 45 label says). All other online versions of that song were “lifted” from that CD. The A side is Too Much True Loving. The Charmettes on the FL. label (Marlin 16001) are Loretta, Annetta, & Mattie (or at least they signed my copy that way). They don’t sound the same to me, & I’m an expert on GG records.

    • Your remarks help with the Charmettes groups separation. As well as the group crediting, the A/B-side order has been corrected on Markay 101. The gms on Marlin have been added.

      Your expertise is appreciated.

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