Charmers Groups

Charmers (Harlem)

– The Beating Of My Heart/ Why Does It Have To Be Me, ’54 (Central 1002)

– Tony, My Darling/ In The Rain, ’54 (Central 1006)

– I Was Wrong/ The Mambo, ’54 (Timely 1009)

– The Church On The Hill/ Battle Axe, ’54 (Timely 1011)


Charmers (Harlem) error – For Sentimental Reasons, ’85 (Relic LP 5051-Best Of Atlas-Angle Tone Records)

  • The Relic LP released as the ‘Charmers.’  The original was by the Original Charmers on Angle Tone #550 in 1960.)


Both the Central/Timely Charmers and the Original Charmers were NY groups.


Charmers (Los Angeles)

– Johnny My Dear/ All Alone, ’56 (Aladdin 3337)

– He’s Gone/ Oh! Yes, ’57 (Aladdin 3341)


Charmers (Detroit) – Letters Don’t Have Arms/ Rock Rhythm And Blues, ’57 (Silhouette 521-522)

  • Scans found.


There is a Silhouette label # duplication with the Falcons mixed code release ‘Sent Up (#521) and ‘Can This Be Christmas’ (#522 and #222.)


Charmers (Detroit) (Jim Beasly & The) – Caught Roped And Tied/ Sweetheart of Alpha Phi Alpha, ’57 (Silhouette 519-520 (Mixed Code-White Label))


Both sides were re-issued in 1959 (red label) as #519 and distributed through Record Associates Inc., Westport, Connecticut.


Charmers (Jaf Girl Group) – Little Fool/ Hard To Get, ’61 (Jaf 2021)


Charmers (Male Soul Group) – The Letter (Dear Nick)/ Watch What You Do, ’63 (Co-Rec 101)


Charmers (Class Group) (Prince Charles & The) – Twistin’ At The Pool / Good Luck Charm {I}, ’62 (Class 301) 


Charmers (Terrace Girl Group) – Visiting Day/ Whatever Happened To Baby Jane, ’62 (Terrace 7512)


Mark Stevens & The Charmers (ref Vanilla Fudge)

– Magic Rose/ Come Back To My Heart, ’62 (Allison 921)

– Magic Rose/ Come Back To My Heart, ’91 (Allison EP 921-A)

– Danny Boy/ Portrate [sic] Of Love (Recorded in 1961), ’91 (Allison EP 921-B)


Charmers (NY Female Lead)

– Johnny/ My Kind Of Love, ’62 (Laurie 3142)

– I Cried/ Shy Guy, ’63 (Laurie 3173)

– Sweet Talk/ Work It Out, ’63 (Laurie 3203)


Charmers (PIP Female Group) – Looking For Trouble/ After You Walk Me Home, ’64 (Pip 8000)


Charmers (Bill Black Label-Memphis) – It’s A Funny Way We Met/ Where’s The Boy, ’65 (Louis 6806)


Charmers (Unknown Origin-Male Group) – Lesson From The Stars/ My Love, ’63 (Sure Play 104)


Charmers (Philadelphia) as Janice Christian (w Johnny & The Charmers) – Promises/ Just A Bad Thing, ’64 (Swan 4174)


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