Charades Groups

Charades (NY-White Group)

– Make Me Happy Baby/ Shang Lang A Ding Dong, ’58 (United Artists 132)

– Let Me Love You/ Bright Red Skinny Pants, ’59 (United Artists 183) (No scans found.  Lyrics are “Bright Red Skinny Pants.)



Charades (Tulare, California Group)

– For You/ Surf N’ Stomp, ’63 (Northridge 1002)

– Please Be My Love Tonight/ Turn Him Down, ’63 (Ava 154)

– Close To Me/ Take A Chance, ’64 (Original Sound 47)

– Please Be My Love Tonight (Popular Request 107) (Flip is Bells Of Rosa Rita by The Admirations.)

Charades as The Charades Band – Christina/ Sophia, ’64 (Impact 32) {I}



Charades (Billy Storm Group) – Flamingo/ Someone’s In The Kitchen With Dinah, ’64 (Skylark 502)



Charades (Girl Group) – Hey, Operator/ He’s Not Your Boyfriend, ’64 (Warner Bros 5415)


2 thoughts on “Charades Groups

  1. N.Y. Group also released:
    Charades (Jody Lin & The) – Oh Henry – ’59 Luxor 100
    Charades (Jody Lin & The) – Why Is He Staying Away – ’59 Luxor 100

    • On Luxor 100, ‘Oh Henry’ and ‘Why Is He Staying Away’ are asby ‘Jody Lin’ without group credit. On the Wally Zober Story both titles become credited as Jody Lin & The Charades.

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