Chaps, Four Chaps & Fenways

Group members of The Chaps (formed from the Three Chaps), Four Chaps and Fenways are:

Chaps: George Esposito, Joe Cesario, Bob Savastano, Sebastian (Sonny) DiNunzio & Ron Fulton

Four Chaps: George Esposito, Joe Cesario, Bob Savastano & Sonny DiNunzio

Fenways: Sonny DiNunzio, Ronnie George, Alan Bills & Bob Ainsworth



– One Lovely Yesterday/ Perfect Night For Love, ’60 (Brent 7016)

– They’ll Never Be/ Heaven Must Have Run Out Of Angels (BV Lou Christie), ’60 (Matador 1814) 


Four Chaps (ref Chaps) – True Lovers/ Will You Or Won’t You, ’65 (Co & Ce 231)

  • Recorded in California in 1962 and released in Pittsburgh in 1965.


Fenways (ref Sonny DiNunzio)

– The Number One Song In The Country/ Nothing To Offer You, ’64 (Ricky C 106)

– Humpty Dumpty/ Nothing To Offer You, ’64 (Bevmar 401)