Chapelaires, Softwinds, Chuck Johnston

Chapelaires (ref Softwinds)

– I’m Still In Love With You/ Not Good Enough, ’61 (Hac 101)

– Gloria/ Under Hawaiian Skies, ’61 (Hac 102)


Softwinds (ref Chapelaires) – Cross My Heart/ Oh Baby, ’61 (Hac 105)

Due to personnel and a change in their sound, the remaining Chapelaires changed their name to the Softwinds.


Chuck Johnston (BB The Chapelaires) vs Chuck Jackson & The Jaycees

Group histories indicate the Chapelaires did backing vocals for some Gateway artists.  There is a definite vocal difference between these two artist.

  • Chuck Jackson did record with the Jaycees on Calico in 1960 releasing ‘Mr Sandman b/w Oh Baby Mine.’
  • As well, Chuck Johnston recorded with a Jaycees group in the late 50s.  It is not known if the Jaycees were the same group for both artists.


Chuck Johnston & The Jaycees (Vocal Group-The Chapelaires) – Goodnight Irene/ Forever Is A Long, Long Time, ’64 (Gateway 738)

  • The book lists ‘Goodnight Irene’ & ‘Forever Is A Long, Long Time’ asby Chuck Johnson & The Jaycees on Gateway 738.
    • The Chapelaires/Softwinds ‘Cross My Heart’ CD #1087, lists these same songs as (Feat Chuck Johnston).


Marie La Donna (& Female Group) – Georgie Porgie, ’64 (Gateway 730)

Marie La Donna (BB The Chapelaires-uncredited) – How Can I Let You Know, ’64 (Gateway 730)

Scans do not credit a BB.  All sources say B-side BB is The Chapelaires.


Visit….  There is much more to this singer than the book’s sole entry.


Joni Kay & The Chapelaires – Lonely Star/ Happy Memories, ’64 (Gateway 744)


Chapelaires – Vacation Time/ It’s Impossible-Why Try, ’65 (Gateway 746)


2 thoughts on “Chapelaires, Softwinds, Chuck Johnston

    • Chuck Jackson and Chuck Johnston are two different people. The link on the new post offers a discography for the Chapelaires/Softwinds. Also, see the back scan for Chapelaires/Softwinds ‘Cross My Heart’ CD #1087.

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