Chanters Groups

Chanters (Los Angeles) – She Wants To Mambo/ Tell Me, Thrill Me, ’54 (RPM 415)

  • As/ 45cat, Gene Ford is lead
  • A-side writing credit is Ford/Davis.


Group Members: Gene Ford, Alan Boyd, Billy Boyd & Ethyl Brown.

Chanters (Los Angeles) (Brother Woodman & The) (ft Gene Ford) – Watts/ Why, ’55 (Combo 78)


Chanters (Los Angeles) (Gene Ford & The) (Brother Woodman’s Combo) – I Love You, ’55 (Combo 92)

Chanters (Los Angeles) (ft Ethel Brown) (Brother Woodman’s Combo) – Hot Mamma, ’55 (Combo 92)


Chanters (Los Angeles) – Do You Remember, ’88 (Relic LP 5076-Best Of Combo)


Chanters (Hollywood CA Label) (ft Tabby Calvin) – Lonesome Me, ’55 (Kem 2740)

  • Scan found.


Chanters (Hollywood CA Label) (ft Sherri Barton) – The Golden Apple, ’55 (Kem 2740)

  • Scan found.

Both sides:  Under Dir. of Denny Farnon.


Chanters (Queens NY)

– My My Darling/ I Need Your Tenderness (I Love You Darling), ’58 (DeLuxe 6162)

– Row Your Boat/ Stars In The Skies, ’58 (DeLuxe 6166)

– Five Little Kisses/ Angel Darling, ’58 (DeLuxe 6172)

– I Make This Pledge (To You)/ No, No, No, ’61 (DeLuxe 6191)

– At My Door/ My My Darling, ’61 (DeLuxe 6194)

– Row Your Boat/ No, No, No, ’63 (DeLuxe 6200)


Chanters (Queens NY) (Bud Johnson & The) – No, No, No/ Over The Rainbow, ’58 (DeLuxe 6177)


as Budd Johnson Orch & Voices Five – You’re Driving Me Crazy/ On The Alamo, ’59 (Stere-O-Craft 111 & Craft 111)


as Budd Johnson Orch & Voices Five – All Alone/ For Sentimental Reasons, ’59 (Craft 116)

  • Scans found for both sides and are credited as/the post.
  • As/ Marv Goldberg, the A-side is a solo by Budd Johnson Sr and it sounds like him.  The B-side has group involvement.


Chanters (NYC) (Bud Johnson & Stevie Garner Group) – Heavenly You/ What Are You Doin’ (SSP 1001)


Chanters (Girl Group) (ref Milan The Leather Boy) – Free As A Bird/ Bongo Bongo, ’67 (MGM 13750)


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