Chanells – Give Me A Chance, ’63 (Times Square 24)

  • ‘(Give Me A) Chance’ also appears on various comps as the Pharotones/Pharo-Tones.
    • All versions I’ve heard are the same as ’The Chanells’ version for which there is a label scan.


Information on the Pharo-Tones version indicates the title was done originally on Timely 1002 (circa 1958).

  • There is a ‘Timely’ label (square printing) for that time period and another Timely label with a different style in the early 50s.
  • The earlier Timely 1002  was a Gay Tunes release in 1953 for (Thrill of Romance/Wh-y-y Leave Me This Wa-ay-ay.)


Both Pharotones and Chanells are male groups and difficult to tell if they are the same group or different.  Does anyone know the story?)


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