Challengers Groups

as Challengers (Marty Ward & The) – I Can Tell, ’57 (Melatone 1002)

as Challengers (Charles Fizer & The) – The Mambo Beat, ’57 (Melatone 1002)


  • The above group of Challengers were from the West Coast.
  • They became Olympics.


See Marv Goldberg for a complete history and discography for the Olympics


Challengers (Detroit) – Honey, Honey, Honey/ Stay With Me, ’62 (Tri-Phi 1012-first pressing)

  • June 1962.


Challengers (Detroit) – The Butterfly/ Who Shot The Hole In My Sombrero, ’62 (Chancellor 1105)

A Tri-Phi discography lists Tri-Phi 1016 (unreleased/October 1962) and released on Chancellor 1105.

  • Some sources say both songs were originally assigned to Label Tri-Phi 1015 (August 1962) but were pulled with the # subsequently released for Shorty Long.  


Challengers (Detroit) as Challengers III – Honey, Honey, Honey/ Stay, ’62 (Tri-Phi 1012-second pressing)


Challengers (Detroit) as Challengers III (ft Ann Bogan) – Every Day/ I Hear An Echo, ’62 (Tri-Phi 1020)


Challengers (Detroit)/Challengers (III) became Executives

– Why/ Come On Baby (2.03), ’63 (Explosive 3621-10 & Revenge 5003)

  • The listings were under both The Challengers and The Executives.
    • No scans found for the Explosive release.
    • Scans on Revenge are by The Executives.

– River Of Tears/ Come On Now, ’63 (Explosive 3821 & Mink 5004)

  • Explosive A-side found. offers a group history from the Challengers to the Executives.


Challengers (Los Angeles) (ref Billy Strange) – Before You/ Color Me In (Hello Yellow Bug), ’68 (GNP Crescendo 400)


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