Cavaliers Groups

Bob Geddins’ Cavaliers (Texas) – Nobody’s Business If I Do/ I’m Just A Stranger Here, ’50 (Gilt-Edge 5022)

Gms:  LaFayette Thomas, Jimmy Wilson, Bill Bostic, Sherman Louis, and V. Eldridge.


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Cavaliers (Herald Group) – Merry Christmas My Love (Herald-Unreleased)

  • Label formed in 1952.
  • No info found for group or title.
  • Book listed among other Cavaliers’ groups.


Cavaliers (NY-Decca Group) – Somewhere, Sometime, Someday/ Honor Bright, ’55 (Decca 29556)


Cavaliers (Bronx-NY) – Dance, Dance, Dance/ Play By The Rules Of Love, ’58 (Apt 25004)

Cavaliers (Bronx-NY) (Scott Stevens & The) – Why, Why, Why/ Sunday In May, ’59 (Apt 25031/ABC)


Cavaliers (Tel) – Messed Up/ I Wanna Dance, ’59 (Tel 1006)

  • ‘A Morty Craft Production’ is credited on promo scans.


Cavaliers (Kentucky) as Jerry Cox (w The Cavaliers) – Debbie Jean/ Sherry, ’59 (Frantic 751)


Members of The Cavaliers included Jim Stodghill, Murray Harrol, Tommy Hart, and Frank Wilkes as/


Cavaliers (Arkansas) (Tommy Rocco & The) – Let There Be Love/ Midnight Train, ’60 (E&M 3264)


Cavaliers (NY) previously Little Bernie & The Blazers – By The Light Of The Silvery Moon/ My Love, I Have You, ’62 (Josie 884)


Cavaliers (NY) (Little Bernie & The)

– The Waddle/ Lonely Soldier, ’62 (Jove 100)

– Poor Town/ Do You, ’65 (Ascot 2183)


Cavaliers (New Mexico) (With Lloyd Nash) – Put Your Trust In Me/ I Wanna’ Know [sic], ’62 (Gum 1002)

  • Also A-side scan as ‘Trust In Me’.


Cavaliers (New Mexico) – The Quiver/ The Right Time, ’62 (Gum 1004)


Cavaliers (NY Label) (Jimmy Ancrum & The) – The Magic Age Of Sixteen/ So Young-So Warm-So Wonderful, ’63 (Music World 101)


Fi-Tones as The Cavaliers as/ Relic LP 5010 Back Cover

– Dynaflow, ’73 (Relic LP 5010 A8)

– Delores, ’73 (Relic LP 5010 A9)

Peddler Of Dreams, ’73 (Relic LP 5010 B5)

  • Disc credits as Peddler Of My Dreams.

– You Thrill Me So, ’73 (Relic LP 5010 B7)


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  1. More ? Who/Where?
    Cavaliers – Hold On To My Baby
    Cavaliers – I’ve Seen The World
    Cavaliers – Oh, How I Miss You Tonight
    Cavaliers – Ooby Dooby
    Cavaliers – World On My Own

    • The titles you mention were not part of the The Complete Book Of Doo-Wop listed groups. Other sites might post these.

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