Casuals Groups & Original Casuals

Casuals (Nashville) (ref James ‘Buzz’ Cason)

– My Love Song For You/ Help Me, ’57 (Nu-Sound 801 & Dot 15557)

– Till You Come Back To Me/ Hello Love, ’57 (Dot 15671)

– Pardners/ We Go Together, ‘57 (Black Hawk 500)


Note: Later releases by the Nashville Casuals were not included in the book’s listing. 


Casuals (Dallas TX) – So Tough/ I Love My Darling, ’58 (Back Beat 503-first pressing)


Original Casuals

– So Tough/ I Love My Darling, ’58 (Back Beat 503-second pressing)

– Ju-Judy/ Don’t Pass Me By, ’58 (Back Beat 510)

– Three Kisses Past Midnight/ It’s Been A Long Time Girl, ’58 (Back Beat 514)


All the ‘Jane and Vandan’ titles I’ve heard, are the same.

  • Listings differ by artist, label and time stamp.
  • Writing credits differ on each label.
  • Both are distributed by Jay Gee as/ 45cat.


Tricks – My One Desire (2:02)/ Someone Like You (2:05), ’59 (Jane 108)

  • Scans found.

OR Casuals (Gary & The) – My One Desire (2:02)/ Someone Like You, ’62 (Vandan 2976/77)

  • A-side scan found.


Casuals (Hollywood) (ref Donald Kahn) – Beautiful Friendship/ My Usual Self, ’57 (Kem 2755)


Casuals (Baltimore) – Some Day/ Siboney {I}, ’63 (Moonbeam 71613)


Casuals BB?? by Sue Kenny – Look/ A Fool In Love, ’63 (Tribute 118)

  • Book lists BB as both Casuals and Concords.  Label credits only Sue Kenny.
  • These titles do appear on a Concords (Brooklyn) LP.


Casuals (Pittsburgh) (Harold & The) – Darling Do You Love Me/ You Can Shake A Tail Feather, ’64 (Scotty 628)


The DC International sides were not listed in book.

Casuals (Washington DC) as (Skip McHoney & The) – Struggling Man/ Your Funny Moods, ’73 (DC International 5003)

Casuals (Washington DC) as (Skip Mahoney & The) – Seems Like (The Love We Had Is Dead and Gone)/ Town Called No-Where [sic], ’74 (DC International 5007)


Casuals (Washington DC) (Skip Mahoaney & The)

– Where Ever You Go [sic]/ And It’s Love, ’76 (Abet 9465)

– Bless My Soul/ Happily Ever After, ’76 (Abet 9466)

– Running Away From Love/ This Is My Last Time, ’76 (Abet 9468)

– Land Of Love/ I Love You, ’77 (Abet 9473)


Casuals (Washington DC) as (Skip Mahoney & The) – Janice (Don’t Be So Blind To Love)/ Don’t Stop Me Now, ’80 (Salsoul 328)

  • Not listed in the book.


4 thoughts on “Casuals Groups & Original Casuals

  1. To add to – Casuals (Washington DC) (Skip Mahoaney & The)
    – Bless My Soul – ’76 Abet 9466
    – Happily Ever After – ’76 Abet 9466
    – If I Had A Million Dollars
    – Running Away From Love
    – Seems Like The Love We Had Is Dead And Gone
    – This Is My Last Time
    – Seems Like – ‘7x DC Intl. 5007A (misspelled as Mahoney)
    – Struggling Man – ’73 DC International 5003 (misspelled as Mahoney)
    – Your Funny Moods – ’73 DC International 5003

    • The titles your comment includes are now posted with the various artist spellings. Nothing was found for ‘If I Had A Million Dollars.’ To include it, a single release label scan link is needed.

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