Casinos (Ohio)

Casinos (Ohio) (First group) as The Casino’s – Do You Recall (2:24)/ Teach’er, ’62 (Name .001 (7739/40))

gms: Joe Patterson, Roger West, Marc Brown and singer-guitarist Ray White with JT Sears as lead.


as The Casinos (Ohio) (First group) (Accom The Saturns) – Do You Recall (2:29)/ The Swim, ’63 (Olimpic 251 & Itzy 404, ’64) 


Casinos (Ohio) (Second group) – Lovely One/ Gee Whiz, ’64 (Terry 115)


Casinos (Ohio) (Second group) as Casino’s – That’s The Way/ Too Good To Be True, ’64 (Terry 116 & Airtown 886, ’67)

  • Varying personnel changes, gms: ?
  • The Terry sides were Produced by Gene Hughes-Arranged by Kenny Smith.


Casinos (Ohio) (Third group) – Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye/ I Still Love You, ’67 (fraternity 977)

  • The book did not list this nine-piece group or any of their titles.
  • ‘Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye’ was their only hit.)

Members included: Gene Hughes, Glenn Hughes, Joe Patterson, Ray White, Pete Bolton, Bob Armstrong, Tom Mathews, Mickey Denton and Bill Hawkins, 


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