Carousels/Carrousels Groups

Carousels (Ohio) – Fading Away/ Solitude, ’60 (GC 201)


Carousels (ABC-Paramount) – Symptons [sic] Of Love/ The Hush Of Love, ’61 (ABC-Paramount 10233)

  • Scans found.
    • Writing credits: Altman/ Meshel & Carr/ Shuman.


Carousels (NY Girl Group)

– Pretty Little Thing/ You Can Come, ’61 (Gone 5118-first pressing)

– If You Want To/ Pretty Little Thing, ’61 (Gone 5118-second pressing)

– Dirty Trick/ Never Let Him Go, ’62 (Gone 5131)


Carousels (NY-Hull)

– Away Over There, ’62 (Hull LP 1002 (2-6))

  • See comment on Sparks post.
    • The linked insert misspells title as ‘Away Overthere’ [sic] and misspells the group as The Carousel’s while the scans & jacket do not.

Away Over There, ’75 (Broadcast 1121)

  • Flip is ‘Slowly But Surely’ by the Sparks.

Group not listed in book.


Carousels (Philadelphia Label)

– I Wanna Fly, ’64 (Guyden 2102)

  • Female Soul Group.

Something Else {I}, ’64 (Guyden 2102)

  • The House band was credited as the Carousels.


Carousels (Male Folk-Rock Group) – Beneath The Willow/ Sail Away, ’65 (Autumn 13)


Carousels (w Al Browne’s Orch) (Male Group) – Just For Your Love/ Goodbye, ’73 (Vintage 1012)

  • As/youtube, recorded circa 1958.


Carrousels (California Label) – I’ve Cried Enough/ Lots’a Lots’a Lovin’, ’59 (Spry 116)


as Carousels (w Reeth & King) – Drive-In Movie/ Rendezvous, ’59 (Jaguar 3029 & Spry 121)

  • No scan for Spry 121.
  • Group spelling is unconfirmed.
  • ‘The Best Doo-Wops from Spry Records’ SRCD-110 use and mix both spellings of group name.


The Jaguar and Spry groups are the same group.


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