Carnations Groups & Related Connections

Carnations (Derby Group) – Tree In The Meadow/ Clown Of The Masquerade, ’52 (Derby 789)


The Eddie Wilcox Orchestra, connected to the Carnations on Enrica, had some releases on the Derby label.


Carnations (NY-Savoy Group) – The Angels Sent You To Me/ Night Time Is The Right Time, ’55 (Savoy 1172)

  • Writing credit: Van Dyke.
  • The book included with the Derby Group but they are unrelated.

Jazz discographies list gms as:  Budd Johnson (tenor saxophone) Ernie Hayes (piano) Leroy Kirkland (piano, arranger) Mickey Baker (guitar) Milt Hinton (bass) Panama Francis (drums) The Carnations (vocal group).


Carnations (NY-Enrica Group) (Eddie Wilcox Orch) – Gimme’ Gimme’ Gimme/ Love Open Up My Heart, ’59 (Enrica 1001)

  • Writing credit: Louis Van Dyke.
  • The Enrica label was formed in 1957 in New York by Ted McCrae (Rae-Cox) and Eddie Wilcox.


Carnations (Unknown) – You Gave Me Peace Of Mind, ’54 (Music City 736)

  • No info found.


Carnations (Kentucky) (Ray Allen & The) – A Fool In Love/ Betty Jo, ’59 (Ace 130)

While members of the instrumental releases change, they are connected through Ray Allen and Hardy Martin.

  • The book listed as (Group 3-Fraternity) (Group 4-Ace) (Group 5-University) and (Group 7-Tilt).


Carnations (Kentucky)

– Casual {I}/ Red Wing {I}, ’60 (Fraternity 863)

– Wing And A Prayer {I}/ Leap Year {I}, ’60 (University 606)

– Scorpion {I}/ Fireball Mail {I}, ’61 (Tilt 780)

– Funny Time {I}/ Punctuation {I}, ’63 (Laurie 3163)


Cosmo (Music By The Carnations (Kentucky)

– I’m A Little Mixed Up/ You Can’t Get Kissed (When You Twist), ’61 (Tilt 787)


Startones/Teardrops/Carnations Association:

  • Matthew Morales and Harvey Arrington were both members of a Junior High School group of Startones formed in 1954 in Bridgeport Connecticut.
  • After leaving the service, the group was reformed (with member changes) in 1959 as the Teardrops.
    • As The Teardrops they backed Bo Diddley on ‘Crackin’ Up and I’m Sorry.’
  • They became the Carnations when they signed with Beltone Records and released ‘Long Tall Girl b/w Is There Such A World’ on the Beltone-Lescay label.

Group members: Matthew Morales (Lead), Harvey Arrington, Edward Kennedy, Carl Hatton, Tommy Blackwell (Bass).


Bo Diddley (BB-uncredited) – Oh Yea (No Group)/ I’m Sorry, ’59 (Checker 914)

  • The book listed with the Kentucky Carnations group.
    • The Carnations on Beltone were still the Teardrops at this time.
  • Some sources credit The Marquees as the BB.
    • The Marquees were Bo Diddley’s former backing group.


Bo Diddley (BB Teardrops-uncredited) – Crackin’ Up/ The Great Grandfather (No Group), ’59 Checker 924)

  • The Teardrops are reported to be the BB.
    • After the Startones left the service, they reformed as the Teardrops.


Carnations (Beltone Group) – Long Tall Girl/ Is There Such A World, ’61 (Lescay 3002)

  • The Beltone group of Carnations were formerly associated with the Teardrops and Startones.


Carnations (Garage Grp) – Sleepy Hollow/ Barbary Coast, ’60 (Terry-Tone 199)


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  1. Carnations (Arizona) instr.
    ”Dive bommber” & ”Renegade” (on CD Hadley Murrells Garage Arizona). Fine tunes!
    Greatings from Hanst, Holland.

    • Welcome Hanst
      Both instrumental cuts were too late for doowop but can be heard on the net. Thanks for sending the info to the music.

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