Cap-Tans, L’Cap-Tans & Related Artists

Most scans found were repos and their accreditation is used in this post.  Any corrections are welcome.


Cap-Tans formerly as The Progressive Four – Yes/ Satchel Mouth Baby, ’48 (DC 8048)

  • No scans found.
  • The book spelled Satchel Mouth as one word which is used by other artists.  Some other sources spelled as two words.


as Jerry Strong (w The Progressive Four) – My Mother’s Eyes/ Basin Street Blues, ’48 (Paragon 8047)


Cap-Tans (Whistler Paul Chapman) – Coo-Coo Jug Jug (That’s The Song Of The Birds), ’48 (DC 8054)

Cap-Tans backing Paul Chapman – You’ll Always Be My Sweetheart, ’48 (DC 8054)



– Goodnight Mother/ Let’s Put Our Cards On The Table, ’49 (DC 8064)

  • Scans credit is as Cap-Tans.
  • Other sources listing as the Cap-Tans backing Paul Chapman, are without support.

– I’m So Crazy For Love/ Crazy About My Honey Dip, ’50 (Dot 1009)

  • Scans found.

– With All My Love/ Chief, Turn The Hose On Me, ’50 (Dot 1018)

  • Scans found.


as Captans – Asking/ Who Can I Turn To, ’51 (Coral 65071)

  • B-side scan found.


Cap Tans – My, My, My, Ain’t She Pretty/ Never Be Lonely, ’51 (Gotham 233)

  • Scan found for A-side.



– Yes/ Waiting At The Station, ’51 (Gotham 268)

  • No scans found.

– I’m So Crazy For Love/ With All My Love, ’53 (Dot 15114)


as L’Cap-Tans – The Bells Ring Out/ Call The Doctor, ’58 (Hollywood 1092)


as L’Cap-tans (with The ‘Go’ Boys) – Homework/ Say Yes, ’59 (DC 0416)

  • Scans found.

as L’Cap-tans (with The ‘Go’ Boys) – Homework/ Say Yes, ’59 (Savoy 1567)

  • Savoy leased from DC.


Cap-Tans – Tight Skirts & Crazy Sweaters/ I’m Afraid, ’60 (Anna 1122)


as Bob Marshall’s Crystals (Jerry Holland with The Cap-Tans [sic]) – A Big Bite Of The Blues, ’62 (DC 0433)

  • Book listed both sides as The Captans [sic] (Jerry Holland & The) and dated 1959.  The 1962 date is approximate.
  • The Cap-Tans members are unknown.
  • The flip is an instrumental  ‘Ain’t No Big Thing’ credited as Bob Marshall & The Crystals.

Cap-Tans credited as Wailing Bethea & The Captans – Rockin’ In The Jungle/ Annie Penguin, ’62 (Hawkeye 0430)


Cap-Tans as Bethea & The Cap-Tans

– Crazy About A Woman/ Revenue Man, ’62 (Loop 100)

– Whenever I Look At You/ ’Round The Rocket, ’63 (Sabu 102-103)

– You Better Mind/ I Wanna Make Love, ’63 (Sabu 501)


Cap-Tans – Golden Oldies Vol II, ’63 (International Award LP AK222)

– Annie Penguin B3

– Crazy ‘Bout A Woman B4

– Nobody’s Here B5


Cap-Tans in error as Cat-Tans – Looking Ahead, ’63 (Design LP DLP 705 B5 (Golden Oldies Original Hits-Volume 5))



– Grateful/ Don’t Believe What They Say About Me, ’75 (Gotham 261-Bootleg #)

  • 1951 Masters.  Scans on youtube.

– I Love You So/ I Thought I Could Forget You (aka I Always Remember), ’92 (Roadhouse 1016)

  • 1951 Masters. B-side scan found.


Cap-Tans – Feel Like Balling Some More (Recorded 1950), ’74 (Roadhouse 1023)

  • Scan found.


Cap-Tans error – I’m Seeking Revenge, ’74 (Roadhouse 1023)

  • Book credited as Cap-Tans.  This is by the Heartbreakers (DC Group).


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