Camelots/Cupids/Harps (Brooklyn)


Thanks to Bobby Diskin’s comment for clarifying the relationship between the Camelots and Cupids.


Camelots (Brooklyn)

Don’t Leave Me Baby (1:40), ’63 (Crimson 1001)

  • The book dated 1961 and others date from 1964 to 1967.

– The Letter, ’63 (Crimson 1001)

  • This is by The Blue Notes (North Philadelphia) (Second Group).
  • The label scan crediting the Camelots is an error.

– Your Way/ Don’t Leave Me Baby (1:40), ’63 (AAnko 1001)

– Sunday Kind Of Love/ My Imagination, ’63 (AAnko 1004)

– Pocahontas (2:05)/ Searchin’ For My Baby, ’63 (Ember 1108))

– Don’t Leave Me Baby (1:37), ’64 (Cameo 334)

  • The flip ‘Love Call’ is by the Ebonaires.

– Dance Girl, ’64 (Times Square 32 & Relic 541, ’65)

– Chain Of Broken Hearts, ’64 (Relic 530)

  • The flip ‘Rat Race’ is by The Bootleggers.

– Chain Of Broken Hearts, ’65 (Relic LP101 B09)

– Your Way/ I Wonder, ’67 (Dream 1001)


Camelots (Original group) – Time (Early 60s master), ‘90s (They Sang In Brooklyn EP 503 (Vol III)

  • The back jacket lists the group members with a write-up for the group (who substituted for the Cupids.)
  • See comment for ‘On The Corner Records reference.


Camelots (Brooklyn) error – Rat Race, ’64 (Relic 530) (This is by The Bootleggers.)


Camelots (Brooklyn) (Then)Clifton EP 507A 1981 

– Music To My Ears

– Daddy’s Going Away (2:30)

  • Title correction.

Scan information: “Both Cuts Are Previous [sic] Unissued Recorded in 1963.”

  • The disc plays at 33 1/3 RPM.  Both titles are ‘with music.’


Camelots (Booklyn) (Now)UGHA EP 501A 1981

– Pocahontos [sic] (2:52) 

– Don’t Leave Me Baby (1:44)

According to the scan, the sides were produced by Ronnie I. for UGHA.  Both are Acappella.

  • Note: The sleeve spells as ‘Pocahontas’ and ‘Don’t Leave My Baby.’ 


The folded sleeve wrap pictures the group in 1963 (Then) and in 1981 (Now).

  • Note: The sleeve spells as ‘Pocahontas’ and ‘Don’t Leave My Baby.’ 


Camelots (Brooklyn) as Harps – Marie/ Daddy’s Going Away Again (2:21), ’64 (Laurie 3239)

  • Harps members are the Original Camelots.  See comment.


Cupids (Brooklyn)

– (If You Cry) True Love True Love/ Lets Twist (Say Man Lets [sic] Twist), ’62 (UWR 4241-4242)

– Brenda/ For You, ’62 (KC 115 & AAnko 1002, ’63)

Pretty-Baby/ Lets [sic] Rock, ’64 (Times Square 1)

  • According to information found under the Times Square label, these titles were issued September 1964 and are a renumbered release after the label was sold.
  • A further issue on Times Square 100, ’66 for these titles, is also released after the masters were sold.

– Heavenly Angel (Unreleased)

  • No information available.


14 thoughts on “Camelots/Cupids/Harps (Brooklyn)

  1. Bobby Diskin

    Submitted on 2013/08/13 at 12:21 pm

    The Cupids and Camelots are two different groups. The Cupids, consisted of 2 Black , 1 White and 1 Puerto Rican members. I have never been able to pin down where they are from, but I heard they were from Red Hook (Brooklyn) and I also heard they were from East New York (Brooklyn) – never could confirm either.

    Okay here comes the confusion over the Cupids & Camelots (from Coney Island). After the Cupids recorded “Brenda”, one member wound up in jail and (as I remember hearing it – many years ago) the lead singer died (committed suicide..I heard over the actual “Brenda”). The record started to make some noise so the record company decided to send out another group in the Cupids place and that group was the Camelots. So the Camelots went out doing shows as the Cupids, but didn’t make the record.

    The Cupids and Camelots both recorded for the Jerome brothers (Steve & Bill) for Aanko Records. Still puzzling is the fact that “Brenda” on Aanko Records has an RCA dating code for 1963. When the record “hit” it was on KC Records, but KC Records has the RCAdating code of 1962. The record was a local area hit in 1963.

  2. bob esposito on October 21, 2013 at 9:48 pm said:

    i love the song brenda thanks for letting people know bout the two groups

    • [Re Comment: Bobby Diskin (2013/08/13)

      “The Cupids and Camelots both recorded for the Jerome brothers (Steve & Bill) for Aanko Records.: ……..]

      Thanks for your comment. My brother Steve Jerome and I produced it.

      • Bill would like to speak to you about a group you had. They were originally the Versatiles and not only sang but were a band that played on many of your sessions. They recorded under a different name.

        Would love to speak to you. I’m listed on East 7th street in Brooklyn.

        Thanks much.

    • ‘The Letter’ appears to have some major mix-ups among labels and group credits. The following history might offer some clarification.

      Blue Notes – She Is Mine/The Letter, ’60 (Lost 105) (Label scan for ‘The Letter’ is 105.)

      Blue Notes – She Is Mine/The Letter, ’63 (Instant Action 101) (Some are dating as 1960.)

      Camelots – Don’t Leave Me Baby/The Letter, ’63 (Crimson 1001) (Scans are for Camelots but writing credits/time are the same as for the Blue Notes. The book dated 1961. Other sources date between 1964 and 1967 with 1963 fitting more closely with other releases by this group.)

      Blue Notes – She Is Mine/The Letter (Lost-Nite 132) (No scans found. Dating found is varied and unreliable.)

      Camelots – Don’t Leave Me Baby/The Letter (Lost-Nite 247) (Label scans are both as Camelots. Some listings have been changed to credit the Blue Notes with ‘The Letter’)

      It appears an original label error occurred and has been compounded by other releases failing to catch the confusion. ‘The Letter’ is by the Blue Notes. Postings for the Camelots and Blue Notes have been adjusted to reflect the problem.

  3. The Group the Cupids, My father Nicholas Rodriguez and uncle Danny Rodriguez was apart of the group. They are the two darker ones not black but Puerto-Rican and Barbarian. My father passed away in 1987 and my uncle passed in 2009. We are very proud of them n glad to know they will always be apart of Doo-Wop history..

    • I’m sorry about your father and uncle. The picture you reference is linked to the group that sang ‘Lorraine’ on a youtube video. Do you know who the other members were?

      Cupids (New York NY) – Lorraine/ Little Girl Of Mine, ’63 (MusicNote 119A-20B) (gms: Nicholas Rodriguez, Danny Rodriguez and two unknown members.)

      It’s honor to recognize your father’s group and his part in the music of our time.

  4. To Celina Rodriguez – where were your father and uncle’s group, the Cupids, from exactly.

    To the Jerome Brothers – I would love to speak to you about another group you guys had. Please get in touch – I’m listed in Brooklyn – East 7th street.

    Thanks much to all.
    Bobby Diskin

  5. “Music To My Ears” on the Clifton EP is by the original Camelots. The Harps cuts on Laurie Records in 1964 “Daddy’s Going Away Again” and “Marie” is also the original Camelots from Brooklyn.

  6. “Time” (with full band accompaniment) was first released on “They Sang In Brooklyn'” EP 503 (Vol III) in the early 90s. The master was from the early 60s. The label wasn’t big enough to put in the label name “On the Corner Records” – so it was left out

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