Calendars/Calenders Groups

Calendars (NYC) – If I Could Hold Your Hand/ What Are You Gonna Be, ’59 (Cyclone 5012)

  • Book spelled as Callenders.


Calendars (NYC) as Calanders [sic]

– If I Could Hold Your Hand, ’74 (Relic LP 5019 A10 (Winley))

– What Are You Gonna Be, ’74 (Relic LP 5019 B10 (Winley))


Calendars (NY) – I’m Gonna Laugh At You/ You’re Too Fast, ’61 (Coed 564)


Calendars (LA Label) – One-Week Romance, ’63 (Swingin’ 649)

  • Flip is ‘Roasted Peanuts’ by the Milestones.  See scan link.


Calendars (Corsican Label) (Roberta Watson & The) – Dear Donnie/ You Insulted Me, ’63 (Corsican 111)

  • No scans found.
  • Dear Donnie appears on comps.


Calendars (DooWop-Soul) (Shelley Du Pont & The) – Share My Love/ Stop Driving Me Crazy, ’65 (Tribune 1001)

See for a brief artist write-up.


Calenders [sic] (Freddie Meade & The) – Just Give Her My Love/ Mepri Stomp, ’61 (20th Fox 287)

  • Book listed as Calendars (Freddy Meade & The).


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