Buddies Groups

Buddies (Camden NJ) (Billy Bunn & His)

– I’m Afraid/ I Need A Shoulder To Cry On, ’51 (RCA 4483)

– That’s When Your Heartaches Begin/ (It Will Have To Do) Until The Real Thing Comes Along, ’52 (RCA 4657)



Barons (New York) as Buddies – I Stole Your Heart/ I Waited, ’55 (Glory 230)



Buddies (NY White Group) as Lamplighters (NY) – Big Joke/ After All, ’55 (Decca 29669)

(The book listed as Lamp Lighters but all sources list as Lamplighters.  This is different group than Federal Lamplighters.  The book listing with the Sophomores (Boston) is an error. )


Buddies (NY) (White Group)

– Two Skeletons On A Tin Roof/ The Most Happy Fella, ’56 (Decca 29840)

– Every Time The Phone Rings/ Bag Of Bones, ’57 (Decca 29953)

– A Prom And A Promise/ Lottery, ’57 (Decca 30355)



Buddies (Newark NJ) (Little Butchie Saunders & His)

– Lindy Lou/ Rock’N Roll Indian Dance, ’56 (Herald 485)

– Great Big Heart/ I Wanna Holler, ’56 (Herald 491)


Buddies became Little Butch & The Vells – Over The Rainbow/ Sometimes Little Girl, ’59 (Angletone 535) (Repo label is Angle Tone 535.)



Buddies (California) (Carl Ell & The) – Bobby My Love/ Sunshine, ’59 (Combo 154)



Catalinas (New Haven CT) as Buddies (CT) – Castle Of Love/ Give Me Your Love, ’59 (Okeh 7123)

(A-side scan found.  This is a reissue of ‘Little 811-812’ credited to the Catalinas.  As/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_7aUs-kyzU, the gms are: Johnny Luth, Jimmy Colwell, Artie DeNicholas, Johnny Kunz and Tommy Juliana.)



Buddies (NY-Tiara Group) – She’s A Loser/ Heartless, ’59 (Tiara 6121)



Buddies (Connecticut) (ref Roger Koob) – Must Be True Love/ Hully Gully Mama, ’61 (Comet 2143)



Deckers (Philadelphia) became The Buddies (w Frank Slay & His Orch) – Spooky Spider/ Lebone Delada, ’61 (Swan 4073)

(After this release and a new lead singer, the group recorded as Teddy & The Twilights.)



Buddies (Swan Group) – The Beatle {I}/ Pulsebeat {I}, ’64 (Swan 4170)

(The book incorrectly included with other Buddies’ groups.  This group could be classified as instrumental ‘surf’.)



Tokens (Brooklyn NY) as Buddies – On The Go/ Only My Friend, ’64 (Swing 102)



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