Boy Friends/Boyfriends

Boy Friends (NY) (Jeanie & Her) – It’s Me Knockin’/ Baby, ’59 (Warwick 508)



Terry Corin & Her Boy Friends – Dream Date/ Sick! Sick! Sick!, ’60 (Colony 110)

(Terry Corin is located in New York.  See post for Terry Corin.)



as Jimmy Carroll Jr – Shy Boy/ Snake In The Grass, ’61 (Glaser Hollywood 1000)

Boy Friends (NY Label) (Jimmy Carroll & The) – Shy Boy/ Snake In The Grass, ’61 (Glaser Hollywood 1000)

(Unconfirmed if credited as solo for ‘Jimmy Carroll Jr’ is the original listing.  Book listed under group name.  There are scans for both on and more info about the label on



Boyfriends (Wini Brown & Her)

– Be Anything – Be Mine/ Heaven Knows Why, ’52 (Mercury 8270) Joe Van Loan Grp of Boyfriends

– Way Downtown At The Bottom Of The Hill, ’52 (Mercury-unreleased)

These Boyfriends are Warren Suttles, Percy Green, and Freddy Francis and Joe Van Loan.  ‘Be Anything (But Be Mine)’ was mislabeled as ‘Be Anything – Be Mine.’


Boyfriends (Wini Brown & Her) – Here In My Heart/ Your Happiness Is Mine, ’52 (Mercury 5870)

These Boyfriends are a group of ‘unknowns’ Joe Van Loan assembled.


Thanks to for his Wini Brown history and complete discography.  Check out the link.



Boyfriends (Virginia) (Janis & Her) – Please Be My Love/ Bang Bang, ’58 (RCA 7318)

(Country and Rockabilly sides.)

as Janis Martin – Will You, Willyum/ Drugstore Rock And Roll (RCA 6491)

(FYI, an example of her other rockabilly songs.)



Five Discs (Eddie Pardocchi Group) became Boyfriends – Let’s Fall In Love/ Oh Lana, ’64 (Kapp 569)


Five Discs (Eddie Pardocchi Group became Boyfriends – Let’s Fall In Love (re-issue), ’77 (Pyramid 166) (No scan found.)



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