Bob-O-Links & Bobolinks

Memories (Washington DC) became Bob-o-Links – I Promise/Mr Frog, ’62 (Hi-Ho 101) (See post for Memories on Way-Lin.)



Bobolinks (California) (w Jeep Jackson’s Music) – (I Just Want To Be) Elvis Presley’s Sergeant/ Your Cotton Pickin’ Heart, ’58 (Key 573)


Bobolinks (California) as Art Smith (w Jeep Jackson’s Music & The Bobolinks)  – Angel, Sweet Angel/ You Dreamer You, ’57 (Key 574 & Regency 604) (Scan found for b-side on Key.)


Bobolinks as Bob-O-Links (California) (w Bob Bains’ Music) – The Mechanical Man/ Choc’late Ice Cream, ’58 (Key 575)



Bobolinks (Alabama) – Lonesome Wind/ Message From Me, ’61 (Tune 226) (The book lists as part of the group on Key.  Confirmation is needed.)


Bobolinks (Alabama) (Betty Marie & The) – One Little Wish/ Blue Smoke, ’61 (Tune 229) (See Comment.)


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  1. Art Smith & The Bobolinks Key (CA) 45 – 574 Angel, Sweet Angel / You Dreamer You (1957) also issued on Regency (Canada) 45 – 604 (1957)

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