Blue Notes/Bluenotes Groups

Blue Notes (NY) (w Accomp by Joe Loco & His Quintette) – If You’ll Be Mine/ Too Hot To Handle, ’53 (Rama 25) (No b-side scan.)



Joe Weaver & His Blue Notes (Detroit)

– 15-40 Special {I}/ Soft Pillow, ’53 (DeLuxe 6006)

– JB Boogie {I} Baby I’m In Love With You, ’53 (DeLuxe 6021)


Joe Weaver & His Bluenotes – Do You Wanna Work Now/ The Lazy Susan {I}, ’55 (Jaguar 3011) (No b-side scan.)


Joe Weaver & His Blue Note Orchestra – I’m On My Merry Way/ Loose Caboose {I}, ’55 (Fortune 820)

(B-side repo scan found.  The book listed the a-side title as #831 under the Don Juans heading, a number which is used for a Andre Williams/Don Juans song.)


Joe Weaver & His Blue Note Orchestra – It Must Be Love (No Group), ’56 (Fortune 825)


Joe Weaver (w The Don Juans) – Baby, I Love You So, ’56 (Fortune 825)


Joe Weaver (w The Don Juans) – Baby Child/ Looka Here, Pretty Baby, ’56 (Fortune 832)


Joe Weaver & His Blue Note Orchestra – All I Do Is Cry/ Too Hot To Trot {I}, ’60 (Fortune 852)


as Andre (Bacon Fat) Williams (w The Inspirations (Detroit) & Joe Weaver & His Blue Note Orchestra) – I Still Love You, ’60 (Fortune 856)

(Joe Weaver/Blue Note Orchestra not on flip.)



Blue Notes (NYC Label) (With Melino & His Orch) – Charlotte Amalie/ Make A Box, ’55 (Tico 1083)

(Different than North Philadelphia group.)



Blue Notes (North Philadelphia) (First Group)

– If You Love Me (Really Love Me/ There’s Something In Your Eyes, Eloise, ’56 (Josie 800 & Port 70021, ’61)

– The Retribution Blues/ Wagon Wheels, ’57 (Josie 823)


Blue Notes backing as Todd Randall With The Blue Notes – With This Pen/ Letters, ’57 (Josie 814)


Blue Notes (Second Group) – She Is Mine/ The Letter, ’60 (Lost 105, Instant Action 101, ’63 & Lost-Nite 132)

(The Letter is also released on ‘Crimson 1001 and Lost-Nite 247’ and credited in error to the Camelots (2-Brooklyn))


Blue Notes (Second Group) as Blue-Notes – My Hero/ A Good Woman, ’60 (Jalynne & Red Top 135, ’63) (Scans found.)


Blue Notes (Second Group)

– My Hero/ A Good Woman, ’60 (Val-Ue 213)

– O Holy Night/ Winter Wonderland, ’60 (Val-Ue 215)

– Blue Star/ Pucker Your Lips, ’61 (20th Century 1213) (Recorded for Val-Ue but unreleased.)


Blue Notes as Blue-Notes – My Hero/ A Good Woman, ’60 (Jalynne 135)

Blue Notes as Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Get Out (And Let Me Cry/ You May Not Love Me, ’62 (Landa 703)

Blue Notes as Bluenotes – Blue Star/ Is There A Doctor In The House, ’75 (Red Top 132) (Scans found.)

Blue Notes as Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes – What A Man Can Do/ Go Away, ’66 (Arctic 135)


Blue Notes (Third Group)

– Shrimp Boats Are Coming/ My Heart Crys [sic] For You, ’61 (Gamut 100)

– W-P-L-J (White Port And Lemon Juice)/ While I’m Away, ’62 (3 Sons 103)


Original Blue Notes (Bernard Williams & The) (ref Blue Notes (First Group) – It’s Needless To Say/ Focused On You, ’64 (Harthon 136)



Blue Notes (Texas) – Darling Of Mine (Vocal Sonny Ace)/ I Love Her So (Vocal Al Reed), ’58 (TNT 150)


Blue Notes (Texas) – Darling Of Mine (re-issue), ’58 (Dot 15720)

Blue Notes (Texas) (Al Reed & The) – I Love Her So (re-issue), ’58 (Dot 15720)



Blue Notes (Louisiana) (Vince Anthony & The) – Watch My Smoke/ Lucy Lou, ’58  (Hilton 0003-4)


as Vince Anthony (w The Blue Notes) – Sneaking’ Home/ Watch My Smoke, 59 (Hilton 0602/1083)


Blue Notes (Louisiana) (Donnie Williams & The) – Cry Your Heart Out/ Is Your Love, ’59 (Viking 1005)

(The book listed as Bluenotes and dated 1959.  Writing credits are ‘V Guzzette [sic]’ on both sides..)


Blue Notes (Louisiana) (Vince Anthony & The) – Clarabel/ All Over Again, ’63 (Viking 1018)

(Scans found.  Book listed as Bluenotes and dated 1963.  Other sources date N/A, and 1960-1964.  A 1960 photo at  lists the gms: Louis Boudreaux, Vince Anthony, Bobby Guzzetta.  Writing credits on ‘Clarabel’ are spelled V Guzetti [sic].)



Tracy Pendarvis as Tracey Pendarvis & The Blue Notes (Florida) – It Don’t Pay/ One Of These Days, ’58 (Scott 1202)



James Easterling (w The Blue Notes (Slidell LA)) – Angel Of Mine/ You Think You’re Smart, ’61 (Reno 133)



Blue Notes error – Rufus {I}/ Your Tender Lips, ’61 (Accent 1069)  (This is by Merced Blue Notes.  ‘Your Tender Lips’ features Ken Craig-Vocal.)



The book listed an incomplete Bluenotes (North Carolina) discography and excluded their involvement with pop artists such as Billy Craddock and Johnny Dee.  As/ Wikipedia, the group featured: Tom Underwood, Joe Tanner, Pat Patterson and Ralph Harrington.

Bluenotes (North Carolina) formerly as Blue Notes

– Christmas Chimes/ There’ll Always Be A Christmas, ’55 (Colonial 408)

– On A Sleepy Sunday Afternoon/ Who’s Gonna Sing Your Love Songs, ’56 (Colonial 409) (A-scan found. See comment.)


backing as Johnny Dee (w The Bluenotes) – Teenage Queen/ It’s Gotta Be You, ’57 (Colonial 433)


Bluenotes (North Carolina) (ft Doug Franklin) – Mighty Low/ Page One, ’57 (Colonial 434)


backing as Bill Craddock (w The Blue Notes) – Birddoggin’/ Millionaire, ’57 (Colonial 721)


backing as Johnny Dee (w The Blue Notes) – They Were Right/ Somebody Sweet, ’57 (Colonial 722)


backing Doug Franklin (w The Bluenotes) – My Lucky Love/ Drizzlin’ Rain, ’58 (Colonial 7777)


Bluenotes (North Carolina) (Henry Wilson & The)

– My Steady Girl/ Mighty Low, ’58 (Dot 15692)

– Are You Ready/ It’s Really Love, ’58 (Colonial 7778)


Bluenotes (North Carolina) – Let Her Know/, You’re A Tiger, ’58 (Colonial 7779) (Issued September 1958)


Bluenotes (North Carolina) (Doug Franklin & The) – Christmas Chimes/ You’re A Tiger (re-issue (November), ’58 (Colonial 7779)

(No scan found.  Issued November 1958.  Christmas Chimes was originally issued as ‘Blue Notes’ in 1955.  As/, #7779 was issued twice.)


Bluenotes (North Carolina) – Never Never Land/ I Waited, ’58 (Colonial 9999)


Bluenotes (North Carolina) (ft Ralph Harrington) – Summer Love, ’59 (Brooke 111-First Pressing)

Bluenotes – I Don’t Know What It Is, ’59 (Brooke 111-First Pressing)


Bluenotes (North Carolina) – I Don’t Know What It Is/ You Can’t Get Away From Love, ’59 (Brooke 111-Second Pressing)


Bluenotes (North Carolina) – I’m Gonna Find Out/ Forever On My Mind, ’60 (Brooke 116)


Bluenotes (ft Ralph Harrington) – Summer Love/ It Had To Be You, ’60 (Brooke 119)



Bluenotes (California)

as Arlin & Earl (Ivon Gregory & The Bluenotes) – Elvis Presley Blues/ Kathy, ’56 (G&G 110)

(Promo #110  scans as ‘Elvis Presly [sic] Blues’ and is credited as Ivon Gregory & The Bluenotes.


as Blackwells (Ivon Gregory and The Blue Notes) – Here’s The Question/ Please Don’t Come Crying, ’56 (G&G 126)


(See G&G discography covering other releases involving the Bluenotes/Blue Notes that are not listed in the book.)



Bluenotes (Alabama) as Phil Cay & The Blue Notes – If They Ask Me/ Meet Me In The Barnyard, ’58 (Hart 1532-33)


Bluenotes (Alabama) (Phil Cay & The) – Meet Me In The Barnyard/ If They Ask Me, ’59 (Hart 1001)


Bluenotes (Alabama) as Phil Cay & The Blue Notes – Take My Everything/ Tell Me, ’60 (Hart 1003)



as Little Bill & The Bluenotes (Tacoma, Washington) – Bye Bye Baby/ I Love An Angel, ’59 (Dolton 4)


as Little Bill & The Bluenotes (Tacoma, Washington) – Little Angel/ Next Time You See Me, ’61 (Seafair Bolo 725)


as Little Bill – Why Was I Ever Born/ Sweet Cucumber, ’60 (Topaz 1303)


as Little Bill (w The Adventurers and Shalimars) – Louie, Louie/ Boy Next Door, ’61 (Topaz 1305)



Bluenotes (gm Joey Villa) error – I’ll Love You (Till The End Of Time) Pt 1 & Pt 2, ’65 (Bluejay 101)  (This is by Bluetones)


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