Blue Chips Groups

Blue Chips (Cincinnati) (Carlton Lankford & The) – Appointment With Love/ Come Back, ’56 (DeLuxe 6100) (No scan for b-side.)



Blue Chips (NY) (w Danny Gould Orchestra)

– I’m So In Love With You/ Try My Arms, ’59 (Wren 302)

– Taken Another Step/ A Song And A Prayer, 60 (Wren 305)



by Bobby Saint – Anybody (But You)/ That’s Where I Belong, ’59 (Wren 303) (Not listed in book.  Were The Blue Chips the uncredited BB)



Blue Chips (NY) – A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet/ It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane, ’59 (Wren 304) (Not listed in book.)



Impacts (Brooklyn-NY) became Blue Chips

– Puddles Of Tears/ The Contest, ’61 (RCA 7923)

– Let It Ride/ Adios, Adios, ’61 (RCA 7935)

– Promise/ One Hen, ’62 (Groove 0006)



Blue Chips (West Virginia?) – The New Year’s In/ Double Dutch Twist, ’61 (Laurel 1026) (Label location needs verification.)



Blue Chips (Unknown Group) – Wishing Well/ Deep Freeze, ’62 (Sparta 001)

(No scans found.  Verification is needed to connect this group to the Ivory’s who are also credited on Sparta 001 (Deep Freeze) and on Darla 1000 (Wishing Well).  See Ivory’s.)


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