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Blends (Mike Lawing & The) (Music By The Eden Rockers) – One Love, ’60 (Talent 107)

Eden Rockers – Blitzkrieg {I}, ’60 (Talent 107)

No scans found.  In 1959 the sides were originally credited as The Dissonaires on Altair 101 and in 1961 Blitzkrieg was again re-issued on Skylark 111 and credited as ‘The Penetrators’.


Blends (Music by The Eden Rockers) – Tell Me/ The Way I Want You, ’60 (Talent 110 & Skylark 108, ’61) (Talent and Skylark are West Coast labels.  Scan only found for ‘Tell Me’.)

’Tell Me’ writing credits are Stanley M Fisher.  Produced by Ben & Len Weisman.



Blends (Louisiana) (Glenn Wells & The) – Lesson In Love/ Write Me A Letter, ’60 (Jin 122)


Blends (Louisiana) as Glen Wells & The Blends (Louisiana) – Written In The Stars/ You’re Mine Tonight, ’60 (Jin 133)

Blends (Louisiana) (Glenn Wells & The) – Written In The Stars/ You’re Mine Tonight, ’60 (United Artists 244)


Blends (Louisiana)-uncredited as Glenn Wells – In Memory Of Our Love/ As My Tears Fall, ’60 (Jin 139)



as Fabulous Blends (Massachusetts)

– It’s Your Turn (unreleased)/ Someone To Care (unreleased), ’60 (Casa Grande 5037)

– Graduation Time/ Starlight, Starbright, ’89 (Casa Grande 3039)


Blends (Massachusetts)

– Now It’s Your Turn/ Someone To care, ’60 (Casa Grande 3037)

– A Thousand Miles Away/ Music Maestro Please, ’61 (Casa Grande 5000)


as Fabulous Blends (Big John & The) – Baby You’re Wrong (Dead Dead Wrong)/ Hey! Little Fool, ’61 (Casa Grande 5001)

(gms: Big John Croft (Lead), Richie Harris, Charlie Garner, Richie Solomon) 


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