Blenders Groups

The National and most of the Decca releases are unlisted in the book.  See Marv Goldberg’s discography for the group.

Blenders (NY)

– Gone (My Baby’s Gone)/ Honeysuckle Rose, ’50 (Decca 48156) (No a-side scan found.)

– I’d Be A Fool Again/ Just A Little Walk With Me, ’52 (Decca 28092)

– Don’t Play Around With Love/ You’ll Never Be Mine Again, ’53 (Jay-Dee 780)

– I Don’t Miss You Anymore/ If That’s The Way You Want It Baby, ’53 (MGM 11488)

– Please Take Me Back/ Isn’t It A Shame, ’53 (MGM 11531) (No scans found.)

– Don’t ### Around With Love (Alternate Take Of Jay-Dee 780), ’71 (Kelway 101) (The Sparrows are not an aka.  They are the B-side on the Kelway release.)

Blenders (NY) as Millionaires (NY) – Somebody’s Lyin’/ Kansas Kapers, ’55 (Davis 441)



Blenders (Hollywood) (Earl Curry & The) – Late Rising Moon/ I Want To Be With You, ’54 (R and B 1304)

as Earl Curry – Try And Get Me/ Dream, ’56 (R and B 1313) (The book credits the Blenders as the BB.)



Blenders (Knoxville, Tenn) I Asked For Your Hand/ Dance In The Night, ’57 (Vision 1000)  (The book listed this as part of Blenders (Chicago).  The Knoxville group had a second release ‘There’ll Be A Tear In Your Eye/ I’m Not Sorry’ on Vision 1001 in 1957)



Blenders (California) – My Heart’s Desire/ Little Rose, ’58 (Class 236)



Blenders (New York) (Herman Dunham & The) – I Won’t Tell The World/ But I Know, ’59 (Paradise 111) (Paradise is a subsidiary of Old Time Records.  As/Marv Goldberg’s history of Old Town Records, Herman Dunham was originally of the Vocaleers and was known as Herman Curtis of the Solitaires.)



Blenders (LA) – Soda Shop/ Two Loves, ’59 (Aladdin 3449)



Blenders (NJ Label) – Angel/ Old Mac Donald [sic], ’59 (Wanger 189)

(Lyrics are Old MacDonald.)



Blenders (Unknown Group) (BV The Ascots) – Craving Your Love/ Find Yourself Another Job, ‘59 (Wonder 722) (Scans did not have label location.)



Blenders (Hollywood) (Ray Frazier & The) – Darline/ King Of Lovers, ’60 (Combo 161) (Darline is confirmed spelling. No scan for b-side.)

Blenders (Hollywood) – Darline, ’87 (Relic LP 5069 A6)

as The Blenders & Ray Frazier – King Of Lovers, ’87 (Relic LP 5069 B5)



Blenders (New Orleans) – It Takes Time/ Graveyard, ’62 (AFO 305)



Blenders (Chicago) (gms: Gail Mapp, Harold Jones, Albert Hunter, Goldie Coates, and Delores Johnson.)

– Everybody’s Got A Right/ What Have You Got, ’62 (Cortland 103)

– Daughter/ Everybody’s Got A Right, ’63 (Witch 114)

– Boys Think (Every Girl’s The Same)/ Squat And Squirm, ’63 (Witch 117) (B-side scan by seller states Original US copy & not a reissue.  The label is rainbow colored with Witch to the left side on a black background.)

– One Time/ One Time, ’63 (Witch 122) (Same both sides.)

– Love Is A Good Thing Goin’/ Your Love Has Got Me Down, ’66 (Mar-V-Lus 6010)

Blenders (Chicago) (Goldie Coates & The) – Love Is A Treasure/ Fisherman, ’62 (Cortland 102)

Blenders (Chicago) (Baby Jane & The) – You Trimmed My Christmas Tree, ’63 (Witch 112)

Blenders (Chicago) as Candles – Junior, ’64 (Nike 1016) (The flip (Down On My Knees) is also credited to the Candles (Chicago) but said to be by the Starr Brothers and not the Blenders.  The songs sound like different groups.)


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