Blenders Groups

The National and most of the Decca releases are unlisted in the book.  See Marv Goldberg’s discography for the group.

Blenders (NY)

– Gone (My Baby’s Gone)/ Honeysuckle Rose, ’50 (Decca 48156) (B-side scan found.)

– I’d Be A Fool Again/ Just A Little Walk With Me, ’52 (Decca 28092)

– Don’t Play Around With Love/ You’ll Never Be Mine Again, ’53 (Jay-Dee 780)

– I Don’t Miss You Anymore/ If That’s The Way You Want It Baby, ’53 (MGM 11488)

– Please Take Me Back/ Isn’t It A Shame, ’53 (MGM 11531) (No scans found.)

– Don’t ### Around With Love (Alternate Take Of Jay-Dee 780), ’71 (Kelway 101)  [The Sparrows are not an aka.  They are the B-side on this Kelway release.]


Blenders (NY) as Millionaires (NY) – Somebody’s Lyin’/ Kansas Kapers, ’55 (Davis 441)



Blenders (Hollywood) (Earl Curry & The) – Late Rising Moon/ I Want To Be With You, ’54 (R and B 1304)

as Earl Curry – Try And Get Me/ Dream, ’56 (R and B 1313)

(The book credits the Blenders as the BB.)



Blenders (Knoxville, Tenn)

– I Asked For Your Hand/ Dance In The Night, ’57 (Vision 1000) (No b-side scan.)

– There’ll Be A Tear In Your Eye/ I’m Not Sorry, ’57 (Vision 1001) (No b-side scan.)

(The book listed the Knoxville group as part of Blenders (Chicago).



Blenders (California) – Little Rose/ My Heart’s Desire, ’58 (Class 236)



Blenders (New York) (Herman Dunham & The) – I Won’t Tell The World/ But I Know, ’59 (Paradise 111)

(Paradise is a subsidiary of Old Time Records.  As/Marv Goldberg’s history of Old Town Records, Herman Dunham was originally of the Vocaleers and was known as Herman Curtis of the Solitaires.)



Blenders (LA) – Soda Shop/ Two Loves, ’59 (Aladdin 3449) 



Blenders (NJ Label) – Angel/ Old Mac Donald [sic], ’59 (Wanger 189)

(Lyrics are a parody of Old MacDonald (E-I-E-I-O.)



Blenders (Unknown Group) (BV The Ascots) – Craving Your Love/ Find Yourself Another Job, ‘59 (Wonder 722)

(No information was found for group.)



Blenders (Hollywood) (Ray Frazier & The) – Darline/ King Of Lovers, ’60 (Combo 161)

(Darline is confirmed spelling. No scan for b-side.)


Blenders (Hollywood) – Darline, ’87 (Relic LP 5069 A6)

as The Blenders & Ray Frazier – King Of Lovers, ’87 (Relic LP 5069 B5)



Blenders (New Orleans) – It Takes Time/ Graveyard, ’62 (AFO 305)



Blenders (Chicago) (gms: Gail Mapp, Harold Jones, Albert Hunter, Goldie Coates, and Delores Johnson.)

– Everybody’s Got A Right/ What Have You Got, ’62 (Cortland 103)

– Daughter/ Everybody’s Got A Right, ’63 (Witch 114)

– Boys Think (Every Girl’s The Same)/ Squat And Squirm, ’63 (Witch 117) (B-side scan by seller states Original US copy & not a reissue.  The label is rainbow colored with Witch to the left side on a black background.)

– One Time/ One Time, ’63 (Witch 122) (Same both sides.)

– Love Is A Good Thing Goin’/ Your Love Has Got Me Down, ’66 (Mar-V-Lus 6010)


Blenders (Chicago) (Goldie Coates & The) – Love Is A Treasure/ Fisherman, ’62 (Cortland 102)


Blenders (Chicago) (Baby Jane & The) – You Trimmed My Christmas Tree, ’63 (Witch 112)


Blenders (Chicago) as Candles – Junior, ’64 (Nike 1016)

(The flip (Down On My Knees) is also credited to the Candles (Chicago) but said to be by the Starr Brothers and not the Blenders/Candles.  The songs sound like different groups.)



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