Blendells Groups

Blendells (Los Angeles) – La La La La La/ Huggie’s Bunnies {I}, ’64 (Rampart 641 & Reprise 0291)

(As/, gms are: Mike Rincon (bass), Ronnie Chipes (drums), Rudy Valona (lead guitar), Don Cardenas (sax), Tommy Esparza (rhythm guitar), Sal Murillo (Vocals))


Blendells (Los Angeles) – Dance With Me/ Get Your Baby, ’65 (Reprise 0340)

(Sal Murillo had left the group.  The book did not include Reprise 0340 in their listings.)



The following group of Blendells/Blendels/Blendelles is connected to Joe Tate-based labels.  They have no connection to the Los Angeles Blendells.  The book listed only the Coltillion songs.

Blendells (Baltimore) – Night After Night/ The Love That I Needed, ’68 (Cotillion 44020)


Blendells became Blendels – Did You Mean / You Need Love, ’69 (Dontee 100)

as Blendels – Beware / Beware {I}, ’71 (Dontee 104)

as Blendelles – La La, The Magic Song / In The Summer, N/A (Jotee 601)


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