Blend-Aires/Blendaires and Blendairs

Blend-Aires (NY) – Call On Me/ Sweet Sue, ’77 (Arcade 104)

(Label lists gms as: Larry Galvin, Sam Wood, Ed Conway, Manny Giz & Jack Scandura.)


Blend-Aires (NY)

– He’s Gone/ Lucky Guy, ’78 (Story Untold 500)

– Shouldn’t I/ Gee Whiz, ’78 (Story Untold 501)

– I Beg For Your Love/ Don’t Leave Me, ’82 (Story Untold 503)

(Story Untold is a division of Arcade Records).  Gms are: Jack Scandura, Beverly Warren, Larry Galvin, Al Vieco and Sam Wood.  On Story Untold 45s, the name order is rearranged when a member leads.)



Blendaires (Bobby Carle & The)

– Walk With Me/ Anytime, Any Place, Anywhere, ’58 (Decca 30605)

– I Couldn’t Stand It/ A Time To Love And A Time To Lie, ’58 (Decca 30699)

– Guaranteed/ I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good, ’59 (Decca 30938) (Book listed with Blend-Aires group.)



Blendairs (Queens NY) – My Love Is Just For You/ Repetition, ’58 (Tin Pan Alley 252)

(Book listed with Blend-Aires group.  Others date 1959 or 1960.)


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