Billy Dawn Quartet & Related Groups

Billy Dawn Quartet (Brooklyn)

– This Is The Real Thing Now/ Crying For My Baby, ’52 (Decatur 3001)

– Miracle Of Love/ Proud Of You, ’73 (Vintage 1010)

– Tonight Must Live On/ Crying For My Baby, ’74 (Firefly 330) (On Relic CD #7069, the A-side is mistitled as Love Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me.)

– This Is The Real Thing Now/ You Will Always Find Me True, ’74 (Firefly 332)


Billy Dawn Quartet as The 4 Dukes – Crying In The Chapel/ I Done Done It, ’53 (Duke 116)


Billy Dawn Quartet as The Mighty Dukes

– Why Can’t I Have You, ’52 (Duke 104) (Lead Sonny Benton)

– No Other Love, ’52 (Duke 104) (Lead Donnie Sehested)

(See who explains this release.)


Billy Dawn Quartet as The Heralds

– Eternal Love/ Gonna Love You Everyday, ’54 (Herald 435)

– Freeze (Herald-Unreleased)

– Why Can’t I Have You (Herald-Unreleased)


Heralds error – Wonder Boy/ Peggy, ’68 (Tamborine 2) (The group is not the Billy Dawn Quartet but a ‘Heralds’ group from Tennessee.)


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