Bill Baker Solo

Bill Baker (BB Del-Satins-uncredited) (See comments below)

– I Wanna Know/ Is It A Dream, ’61 (Audicon 115)

– Just To Be Near You/ To The Aisle, ’62 (Audicon 118)



Bill Baker (& Group) – Thank Heaven, ’63 (Vim (Variety In Music) 515A) (Date needs verification.)

Bill Baker (w The Del-Satins) – Is It A Dream, ’63 (Vim (Variety In Music) 515B) (Date needs verification.  Who are these Del-Satins members?)

Bill Baker (& Group) – Thank Heaven/ The Price Of Love (Vim (Variety In Music) 515) (A different pressing.)



Bill Baker (formerly of The Five Satins) – Teen Age Triangle/ Why Did Summer Have To End, ’62 (MusicNote 119)



Bill Baker (& Group) (BV Baby Dolls (NY)-uncredited) – There’s A Small Hotel/ Bleeding Hearts (Parnaso 227)

(No scans found for Parnaso.  More info is needed for scans found on Etc … Records 227.)


Bill Baker & Ork (BV Baby Dolls (NY)-uncredited) – Another Sleepless Night/ It Shouldn’t Happen In A Dream, ’65 (Parnaso 110)



Bill Baker’s Satins – Crying In The Chapel/ In The Still Of The Night, ’84 (Clifton 74) (Book listed under Baker’s Satins.)



Bill Baker’s Five Satins – I’ll Be Seeing You LP, ’87 (Del Cam 1000)

Side One: I’ll Be Seeing You, Stardust, Under The Boardwalk, Higher & Higher, Fool For A Pretty Face, Story Untold.

Side Two: Sam Cooke Medley, Let’s Twist Again, So Fine, Silhouette, Personality, Today’s World.


6 thoughts on “Bill Baker Solo

    • Thanks for the MusicNote 119 b-side link. I’m not sure about these Del-Satins; are they the Dion-related group or someone different. Their group history does not mention the Audicon segment of their career.

  1. Stan Ziska of The Del-Satins produced rhe CDs “Del-Satins Back From Lunch” Vols 1&2.

    I Wanna Know / Is It A Dream is on Vol. 1.

    On Vol. 2 are several unreleased Bill Baker songs.

    Just To Be Near You / To The Aisle is on the CD “Bill Baker and his groups”.

    Stan Ziska also mentions the backup work for Bill Baker in his Del-Satins biography.

    • We can validate Bill Baker’s uncredited Audicon BB through Stan Zizka’s Del-Satins’ biography. The book does not include the Del-Satins’ comps but the information they contain is valuable support. Thanks for all your work.

    • ( shows both the Audicon for ‘Is It A dream’ and Vim a&b sides (Thank Heaven/ Is It A Dream.’ I accept that ‘The Price Of Love’ is a different pressing of Vim #515, either original or after the A/B-side scans.

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