Bill Baker Solo

Bill Baker (BB Del-Satins-uncredited) (See comments below)

– I Wanna Know/ Is It A Dream, ’61 (Audicon 115)

– Just To Be Near You/ To The Aisle, ’62 (Audicon 118)



Bill Baker (& Group) – Thank Heaven, ’63 (Vim (Variety In Music) 515A) (Date needs verification.)

Bill Baker (w The Del-Satins) – Is It A Dream, ’63 (Vim (Variety In Music) 515B) (Date needs verification.  Who are these Del-Satins members?)

Bill Baker (& Group) – Thank Heaven/ The Price Of Love (Vim (Variety In Music) 515) (A different pressing.)



Bill Baker (formerly of The Five Satins) – Teen Age Triangle/ Why Did Summer Have To End, ’62 (MusicNote 119)



Bill Baker (& Group) – There’s A Small Hotel/ Bleeding Hearts (Parnaso 227)

(The book dated N/A and listed asby ‘Baby Dolls’ (CT).  No scans found.  Titles appear on Bill Baker albums with an unknown backing group and Parnaso 1500 crediting the artist as ‘Unknown’.

There are scans on Etc … 227 crediting Bill Baker.)


Bill Baker & Ork (BV Baby Dolls (NY)-uncredited) – Another Sleepless Night/ It Shouldn’t Happen To A Dream, ’65 (Parnaso 110)



Bill Baker’s Satins – Crying In The Chapel/ In The Still Of The Night, ’84 (Clifton 74) (Book listed under Baker’s Satins.)



Bill Baker’s Five Satins – I’ll Be Seeing You LP, ’87 (Del Cam 1000)

Side One: I’ll Be Seeing You, Stardust, Under The Boardwalk, Higher & Higher, Fool For A Pretty Face, Story Untold.

Side Two: Sam Cooke Medley, Let’s Twist Again, So Fine, Silhouette, Personality, Today’s World.


6 thoughts on “Bill Baker Solo

    • Thanks for the MusicNote 119 b-side link. I’m not sure about these Del-Satins; are they the Dion-related group or someone different. Their group history does not mention the Audicon segment of their career.

  1. Stan Ziska of The Del-Satins produced rhe CDs “Del-Satins Back From Lunch” Vols 1&2.

    I Wanna Know / Is It A Dream is on Vol. 1.

    On Vol. 2 are several unreleased Bill Baker songs.

    Just To Be Near You / To The Aisle is on the CD “Bill Baker and his groups”.

    Stan Ziska also mentions the backup work for Bill Baker in his Del-Satins biography.

    • We can validate Bill Baker’s uncredited Audicon BB through Stan Zizka’s Del-Satins’ biography. The book does not include the Del-Satins’ comps but the information they contain is valuable support. Thanks for all your work.

    • ( shows both the Audicon for ‘Is It A dream’ and Vim a&b sides (Thank Heaven/ Is It A Dream.’ I accept that ‘The Price Of Love’ is a different pressing of Vim #515, either original or after the A/B-side scans.

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