Belvaderes/Belvederes Groups

Dusters (Ohio) as Belvaderes (ref Tommy Tucker) – Don’t Leave Me To Cry/ I Love You (Baby), ’56 (Hudson 4)

(Hudson 4 also credited as Duster’s.  See Duster’s post.)


Belvaderes (Unknown Group) – The McCoy/ Tired Out (Rhapsody 5163)

(No info available.  Possibly from Connecticut.)




Belvederes (NYC) as Jimmy Morris (Of The Belvederes) – Dear Angels Above, ’55 (Baton 214)

Belvederes (NYC) – Come To Me, Baby, ’55 (Baton 214)


Belvederes (NYC) – We Too/ Pepper-Hot Baby, ’55 (Baton 217)



Belvederes (Kapp Subsidiary) – Let’s Get Married/ Wow Wow Mary Mary, ’58 (Trend 30-009)

(Writing credits: Joseph A Reilly.)



Belvederes (Hollywood CA-Female Group) – Suzanne (From the Columbia Pict ‘Me & The Colonel’)/ Hey Honey, ’58 (Dot 15852) (Scans found.)



Belvederes (Joliet ILL) (ft Jim Kelly, Vocal) – Walkin’ In The Garden, ’59 (Jopz 1771)

Belvederes (Joliet ILL) (ft Dick Dawson, Vocal) – Buona Sera, ’59 (Jopz 1771)



Belvederes (Chicago) – He’s A Square/ Wage Assignment Blues, ’61 (Lucky Four 1003)



Belvederes (NY-Stan Seifer Label) (Male Group) – Why Do You Treat Me This Way/ Lost Love, ’62 (Poplar Record Company 114)

(A Washington, A Jackson, L Beckett, F Brown share credits under title on A-side.)



Belvederes (Buffalo NY) – From Out Of Nowhere {I}/ Tormented {I}, ’58 (Count 88611/12)

(Scans found.  There is some info about the group at (  I’ve not heard either side.)


as Fabulous Frankie Nestro & The Belvederes – Without Your Love/ You Cheated, You Lied, ’61 (Fran-Co 1000)

(Scans found for both sides.  Have heard the a-side rocker.  Frankie Nestro had a previous release “I Don’t Wanna Wait/ Day By Day’ on Count 1009A as Frankie Nestro (w The Fascinates.)



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