Bell Tones/Bell-Tones & Belltones/Beltones Groups


Bell Tones (Rama Group) – Heart To Heart/ The Wedding, ’55 (Rama 170) (No scans found.  All sources say Bell Tones.)

Bell Tones (TEK Label) (Kirk Taylor & The) – My Rosemarie/ Been So Long, ’58 (Tek 2634)



Bell-Tones (Bronx-NY) – The Merengue/ I Love You Darling, ’56 (Scatt 1609-1610)

Bell-Tones (Bronx-NY) as Belltones – The Merengue/ I Love You Darling, ’58 (J&S 1906-1910)

Five Bells (Chicago) as Bell-Tones (Chicago) – My Pledge To You/ There She Goes, ’61 (Clock 71889) (Book also listed as Mercury (US 71889) which is for Del Wood – Creole Fandango/My Adobe Hacienda.)



Belltones (North Philly) (Accompanied by the Three Rockets)

– Estelle/ Promise Love, ’53 (Grand 102)

(While the book doesn’t list the flip, a group history at Classicurbanharmony lists the flip as ‘Crying Blues’ and others say it is ‘Tell Me Dear’.  Their 2011 article can be found at (North Philadelphia’s Francisville Groups: The Belltones, Little Joe Cooke & The Thrillers, Royal Demons, Madison Brothers).



Belltones (NY) (Lacille Watkins & The) – His Hand In Mine/ Maybe You’ll Be There, ’56 (Kapp 145)



Belltones (Unknown Origin) (J Brothers With The) – The Girl I Used To Know, ’58 (Mermaid 3360) (Reissued on Tirino label as John And Jim.  Sources with the Tirino label mention J Brothers but not the Belltones or the Mermaid label.)



Belltones (Philadelphia Label) as Tony Morra (Frankie Gray and his Orchestra) (Vocal Chorus by Belltones) – My Baby Scares Me/ Claire, ’58 (Arcade 152)




Belltones (Ohio) – (Please Try) To Understand Me/ Swingin’ Little Chicky, ’62 (Olimpic 1058 & Itzy 1)


Belltones error – Ev’ry Day (It’s The Same)/ My Little Baby, ’57 (Cecil 5050) (This is credited as The Johnny Bell Tones.)



Beltones (Baltimore) as Ronnie Dove & The Bell-Tones – I’ll Be Around/ Lover Boy, ’59 (Dove 1021)


Beltones (Baltimore) (Ronnie Dove & The)

– Yes Darling, I’ll Be Around/ Party Doll, ’61 (Decca 31288)

– No Greater Love/ Sadest [sic] Song (Of The Year), ’62 (Jalo 1406)



Beltones (NY) – I Talk To My Echo/ Oof Goof, ’57 (Hull 721)


Beltones (NY) as The Symbols (As/ Old Town article by Marv Goldberg, the group recorded as the Symbols while still under contract with Hull.)

– Country Boy, ’58 (Old Town-unreleased)

– Crying My Heart Out, ’58 (Old Town-unreleased)

– Last Rose Of Summer, ’58 (Old Town-unreleased)

– Lover Lover Lover, ’58 (Old Town-unreleased)


Beltones (NY) as Masters

– A Man Is Not Supposed To Cry/ Look Out, ’61 (End 1100)

– I’m Searching/ Crying My Heart Out, ’62 (Le Sage 713-714)



Beltones (Newark NJ) as Ronnie Baker & The Deltones – My Story/ I Want To Be Loved, ’62 (Laurie 3128)


Beltones (Newark NJ) – I Want To Be Loved/ You’ve Got What It Takes, ’62 (Jell 188) (The Delltones (Oz) (ref Ian ‘Peewee’ Wilson) ‘You’ve Got What It Takes, ’95 (Sunshine Club Album)’ is a different cover than the Beltones version.)


Beltones (Newark NJ) as Ronnie Baker – Glory Be/ This Big Wide World, ’63 (Jell 200)




Beltones (Louisiana) (Lance Farr & The) – Mary Lisa/ Too Much Ain’t Enough, ’64 (N-Joy 1001)


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