Bel Aires/Bel-Aires/Belairs & Related Groups

Bel Aires (Chicago) – My Yearbook/ Rockin’ An’ Strollin’, ’58 (Decca 30631) (Scans credit as Bel Aires.  Book listed as Bel-Aires (2).  As/ Wikipedia, some members form the Sheppards in 1959.)



Bel-Aires (Crown Grp) – Tick Tock/ Cherry Pie, ’54 (Crown 126)

(Cover version of Marvin & Johnny hit on Modern.  As/ Marv Goldberg, this group is a black and white duet.)


Bill Perry (Acc Harold Price & Orchestra (w The Bel-Aires)) (Birmingham Alabama) – You’ll Never Be Mine Again/ Hoppin’ Boppin’ And Rockin’, ’55 (GG 521)


Vel-Aires as Bel-Aires (Los Angeles)

– This Paradise/ Let’s Party Awhile, ’55 (Flip 303-First Pressing)

– White Port & Lemon Juice/ This Is Goodbye, ’55 (Flip 304)

– Death Of An Angel/ Man From Utopia, ’55 (Flip 306 & Happy Tiger Era 5065) (Scan only found for Flip 306.)

– My Baby’s Gone, ’55 (Flip 306)



Bel-Aires (Newark NJ Label) as Billy Ford (Vocal Billy Ford & Bel-Aires) – I’d Never Forgive Myself/ I’m Looking For A Lover, ’55 (Ruby 103) (No b-side scan.)


Bel-Aires (NJ) – Hope And Pray/ Space Walk, ’59 (Arc 4451)



Bel-Aires (Chicago) (Eddy Bell & The)

– Anytime/ The Masked Man (Hi-Yo Silver), ’60 (Mercury 71677)

– Knock, Knock, Knock (Knocking On My Door)/ Wear My Class Ring On A Ribbon, ’61 (Mercury 71763)


Bel-Aires (Chicago) (Eddy Bell & The) – I’m Still In Love With You, ’61 (Lucky Four 1012)

as Eddy Bell (Narrated by Mike Holliday & Mel Hall) – The Great Great Pumpkin, ’61 (Lucky Four 1012)



Bel-Aires (La Puente CA) (Little D & The) – Are You My Girl/ Scratch {I}, ’62 (Raft 604) (No scans found.)



Belairs (Coral Group) – Sweet Sixteen/ Louisiana Rug Roll, ’56 (Coral 61605)


Belairs (Coral Group) (Lee Bartell & The) – By You By You/ Sonya’s Place (Coral 61735) (Book listed as (Lee Bantell) and dated N/A.  All date 1956.  No scan for a-side.)



Belairs (PA) (Barry Petricoin & The) – Pretty Little Angel/ Come Back To Sorrento {I}, ’58 (Al-Stan 103) (The book’s 1958 dating is questionable.)



Four Bel’Aires as Belairs – Tell Me Why/ Where Are You, ’63 (Times Square 23 & Relic 536, ’65) (B-side scan not found for Times Square 23.)



Belairs (Unknown X-Tra Group) (Group is unconnected to Four Bel’Aires (Georgetown DC)) 

– Rosa (Relic LP 5029 B2)

– Bells (Relic LP 5029 B6)


Bel-Airs (Unknown X-Tra Group) – Oh Baby, ’63 (Times Square 8) (Group is unconnected to Four Bel’Aires (Georgetown DC).  They are also unrelated to the Decoys on the flip (It’s Going To Be Alright)



Belairs (San Antonio TX) (Mike & The) (ft Nyolia Moore) – She’s Mine/ Buscando (Searchin’), ’63 (Cobra 6666) (No b-side scan.)


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