Bachelors Groups

Bachelors & Orchestra (LA Label) – Is This Goodbye/ Week End Blues, ’51 (International 777)

(Dean Barlow is not connected to this group.)



Bachelors (Washington DC) as Jets – The Lovers/ Drag It Home, Baby, ’53 (Rainbow 201)

(In 1947 began by calling themselves the Cavaliers (for about a week)


Bachelors (Washington DC)

– Can’t Help Loving You/ Pretty Baby, ’53 (Aladdin 3210) (No scan for B-side.)

– Raining In My Heart/ Baby (Lead Robert Russell), ’56 (Royal Roost-unreleased)

– You’ve Lied (Lead Robert Russell)/ I Found Love, ’56 (Royal Roost 620)

– After/ You Know You Know (I Love You), ’57 (Poplar 101)


Bachelors (Washington DC) as Links – Ba-Bee/ She’s The One, ’58 (Teenage 1009)


Bachelors (Washington DC) backing Billy Mitchell – Bottomless Pit/ The Rock And Roll Tango, ’57 (Poplar 105)



Bachelors (Bronx-NY) – I Want To Know About Love/ Dolores, ’55 (Earl 101)


Bachelors (Dean Barlow & The) – Baby/ Tell Me Now, ’55 (Earl 102)



Bachelors (Unknown Group) – Selfish, ’55 (Palace 140) (No scan.)



Bachelors (LA)

– Bachelor Mambo/ In A Little Inn In Italy, ’55 (Excel 105)

– Te-e-e-ex-as/ I’m Lost, ’55 (Excel 106) (No scans found.)



Bachelors (Connecticut)

– From Your Heart/ A Million Teardrops, ’57 (National 104)

– I Want A Girl/ Today, Tomorrow, Forever, ’58 (National 115) (No a-side scan found.)



Bachelors (MGM Group) – Sometimes/ Teenage Memory, ’58 (MGM 12668)

(Comment below links the MGM and National groups.  Some sources do not link these two labels despite the information in the news article.  It is likely there is a second Kenny Vance who also recorded in the late 50s as a gm of several groups including Jay & The Americans and later, the Planatones.  None of Kenny Vance’s biographies include a group known as The Bachelors.  Does anyone have more info on either of the Kenny Vance artists?



Bachelors (Epic Group) – Bachelors’ Club/ Do The Madison, ’60 (Epic 9369) (ref Chuck Sagle.)



Bachelors (Mercury Label Subsidiary) – Day I Met You/ Hey Little Girl, ’61 (Smash 1723)



Tony La Mar & The Band Of Bachelors – Don’t Leave Me/ You Do Something To Me, ’63 (Five-Four 5440)

(Label scans show as both 5/4 and Five-Four.)



4 thoughts on “Bachelors Groups

  1. The Bachelors on Excel 105 & 106 is an LA group. 106 is (A) T-e-e-e-e-ex-as
    and (B) I’m Lost
    picture of the A-side here: [[edit: indirect link removed]] don’t know where I found it, it’s not great

    • Thanks for the info. Didn’t find an Excel 106 label. Did find a UK seller listing as Te-e-e-ex-as but the item had been removed so there was no view. Can you confirm the dashes in Te-e-e-ex-as?

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