Baby Dolls Groups

Baby Dolls (Unknown Group) as The Baby Dolls – Cause I’m In Love/ Tutti Fruitti (Pop-Pi), ’58 (RCA 7296)

Baby Dolls (Unknown Origin) – Hey, Baby!/ Quiet, ’59 (Warner Bros 5086)

Some sources list the RCA and Warner Bros groups together.  Confirmation is needed.



Baby Dolls (CT) – Is This The End/ Boyfriend, ’59 (Elgin 021) (The book listed as Bill Baker & The Baby Dolls.)


Bill Baker & Ork – Another Sleepless Night/ It Shouldn’t Happen To A Dream, ’65 (Parnaso 110)

(B-side title change.  The book listed the as Bill Baker & The Baby Dolls.)


Bill Baker (& Group) – There’s A Small Hotel/ Bleeding Hearts (Parnaso 227)

(The book dated N/A and listed asby ‘Baby Dolls’ (CT).  No scans found.  Titles appear on Bill Baker albums with an unknown backing group and Parnaso 1500 crediting the artist as ‘Unknown’.

There are scans on Etc … 227 crediting Bill Baker.)




Baby Dolls (Philadelphia)

– Go Away Baby/ I’m Lonely, ’61 (Maske 103)

– Thanks, Mr Dee-Jay/ What A Wonderful Love, ’61 (Maske 701)



Baby Dolls (Rosie’s) (Juvenile Group) – I Should Have Known/ In Between (Wishing I Was Sweet Sixteen), ’61 (Fargo 1017)



Baby Dolls (NY) – I Will Do It (Cause He Wants Me To)/ Now That I’ve Lost You, ’66 (Boom 60002)

(A youtube source lists the lead singer as La La Brooks of The Crystals.)



Baby Dolls (LA) – Why Can’t I Love Him Like You Do/ Got To Get You Into My Life, ’67 (Hollywood 1111)

(Book dated 1961.  B-side credited to McCartney/Lennon who wrote song in 1966.  Most sources date 1967 or later.)


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