Baby Dolls Groups

Baby Dolls (Unknown Group) as The Baby Dolls – Cause I’m In Love/ Tutti Fruitti (Pop-Pi), ’58 (RCA 7296)

Baby Dolls (Unknown Origin) – Hey, Baby!/ Quiet, ’59 (Warner Bros 5086)

Some sources list the RCA and Warner Bros groups together.  Confirmation is needed.



Baby Dolls (CT) – Is This The End/ Boyfriend, ’59 (Elgin 021) (The book listed as Bill Baker & The Baby Dolls.)


Bill Baker & Ork (BV Baby Dolls (CT)-uncredited) – Another Sleepless Night/ Shouldn’t Happen In A Dream, ’65 (Parnaso 110) (The book listed the as Bill Baker & The Baby Dolls)


Bill Baker (& Group) (BV Baby Dolls (CT)-uncredited) – There’s A Small Hotel/ Bleeding Hearts (Parnaso 227) (The book dated N/A.  No scans found.  Book listed as Baby Dolls (1).  Titles appear on Bill Baker albums with an unknown backing group)




Baby Dolls (Philadelphia)

– Go Away Baby/ I’m Lonely, ’61 (Maske 103)

– Thanks, Mr Dee-Jay/ What A Wonderful Love, ’61 (Maske 701)



Baby Dolls (Rosie’s) (Juvenile Group) – I Should Have Known/ In Between (Wishing I Was Sweet Sixteen), ’61 (Fargo 1017)



Baby Dolls (NY) – I Will Do It (Cause He Wants Me To)/ Now That I’ve Lost You, ’66 (Boom 60002)

(A youtube source lists the lead singer as La La Brooks of The Crystals.)



Baby Dolls (LA) – Why Can’t I Love Him Like You Do/ Got To Get You Into My Life, ’67 (Hollywood 1111)

(Book dated 1961.  B-side credited to McCartney/Lennon who wrote song in 1966.  Most sources date 1967 or later.)


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