Buddies Groups

Buddies (Camden NJ) (Billy Bunn & His)

– I’m Afraid/ I Need A Shoulder To Cry On, ’51 (RCA 4483)

– That’s When Your Heartaches Begin/ (It Will Have To Do) Until The Real Thing Comes Along, ’52 (RCA 4657)


Barons (New York) as Buddies – I Stole Your Heart/ I Waited, ’55 (Glory 230)


as Lamplighters (NY) – After All/ Big Joke, ’55 (Decca 29669)

  • The book listed as Lamp Lighters.
  • This is different group than Federal Lamplighters.
  • The book listing for the titles as-by the Sophomores (Boston) is an error.


Buddies (NY) (White Group)

– Two Skeletons On A Tin Roof/ The Most Happy Fella, ’56 (Decca 29840)

– Every Time The Phone Rings/ Bag Of Bones, ’57 (Decca 29953)

– A Prom And A Promise/ Lottery, ’57 (Decca 30355)


Buddies (Newark NJ) (Little Butchie Saunders & His)

– Lindy Lou/ Rock’N Roll Indian Dance, ’56 (Herald 485)

– Great Big Heart/ I Wanna Holler, ’56 (Herald 491)


became Little Butch & The Vells – Over The Rainbow/ Sometimes Little Girl, ’59 (Angletone 535)

  • Repo label is Angle Tone 535.


Buddies (California) (Carl Ell & The) – Bobby My Love/ Sunshine, ’59 (Combo 154)


Catalinas (New Haven CT) as Buddies (CT) – Castle Of Love/ Give Me Your Love, ’59 (Okeh 7123)

  • A-side scan found.
  • This is a reissue of ‘Little 811-812’ credited to the Catalinas.


As/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_7aUs-kyzU, the gms are: Johnny Luth, Jimmy Colwell, Artie DeNicholas, Johnny Kunz and Tommy Juliana.


Buddies (NY-Tiara Group) – She’s A Loser/ Heartless, ’59 (Tiara 6121)

  • I Have not heard either side.


Buddies (Connecticut) (ref Roger Koob) – Must Be True Love/ Hully Gully Mama, ’61 (Comet 2143)


Deckers (Philadelphia) became The Buddies (w Frank Slay & His Orch) – Spooky Spider/ Lebone Delada, ’61 (Swan 4073)


After this release and a new lead singer, the group recorded as Teddy & The Twilights.


Buddies (Swan Group) – The Beatle {I}/ Pulsebeat {I}, ’64 (Swan 4170)

  • The Buddies on ‘Swan’ could be classified as instrumental ‘surf’.
  • The book included with other Buddies’ groups.


Tokens (Brooklyn NY) as Buddies – On The Go/ Only My Friend, ’64 (Swing 102)


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