Bon Bons & Bon-Bons

Bon Bons (London Records Group) – Pass It Along/ Momma Llama, Poppa Llama, ’55 (London 1585)

  • Other releases by the ‘London’ label not included in the book, are as either Bon Bons or Bon-Bons.


Bon Bons (NY Girl Group)

– What’s Wrong With Ringo/ Come On Baby, ’64 (Coral 62402)

– Everybody Wants My Boyfriend/ Each Time, ’64 (Coral 62435)


Bon Bons (Samson Label) – Listen My Heart/ Lovin’ Up A Storm Tonite, ’64 (Samson 3001)


Bon-Bons (Pittsburgh PA)

– Three Teens (Looking For A Date)/ A Girl Without A Fella, ’56 (Columbia 40800)

– The Kiss In Your Eyes/ Love Me Or I’ll Die, ’57 (Columbia 40887)


gms: Audre Armstrong, Joyce Weston & Barbara Jeffrey.


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