Blue Chips Groups

Blue Chips (Cincinnati) – Appointment With Love/ Come Back, ’56 (DeLuxe 6100)

  • As mentioned in a Billboard magazine article, Carlton Langford led on A-side.
    • See 45cat for the details of the Billboard article.
  • No scan for B-side.


Blue Chips (NY) (w Danny Gould Orchestra)

– I’m So In Love With You/ Try My Arms, ’59 (Wren 302)

– Taken Another Step/ A Song And A Prayer, 60 (Wren 305)


Blue Chips (NY) – A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet/ It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane, ’59 (Wren 304)

  • Not listed in book.


Impacts (Brooklyn-NY) became Blue Chips

– Puddles Of Tears/ The Contest, ’61 (RCA 7923)

– Let It Ride/ Adios, Adios, ’61 (RCA 7935)

– Promise/ One Hen, ’62 (Groove 0006)


Blue Chips (West Virginia?) – The New Year’s In/ Double Dutch Twist, ’61 (Laurel 1026)

  • Group location needs verification.


Blue Chips (ref Ivorys) – Wishing Well/ Deep Freeze, ’62 (Sparta 001)

  • No scans found.
  • Pressing information is needed.

FYI: ‘Deep  Freeze’ is credited to the Ivory’s on Sparta 001AA.  ‘Wishing Well is credited to the Ivorys on Darla 1000.

See Ivory’s post.


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