Blazers Groups

Blazers (Los Angeles) as Johnny Moore’s Blazers (ft Mari Jones) – My Sugar Is Sweet To Me/ Diesel Driver, ’54 (Hollywood 1012)

  • #1012 not listed in book.  A-side scan found.


as Johnny Moore’s Blazers play Frankie Ervin sings – Johnny Ace’s Last Letter, ’55 (Hollywood 1031)

as Linda Hays Sings with Johnny Moore’s Blazers – Why Johnny Why, ’55 (Hollywood 1031)


Blazers (Los Angeles) (Johnny Moore’s) (with Frankie Ervin) – Christmas Eve Baby, ’55 (Hollywood 1045)

Blazers (Los Angeles) as Frankie Ervin (with Johnny Moore’s Blazers) – Christmas Everyday, ’55 (Hollywood 1045)


Blazers (Los Angeles) (Johnny Moore’s) – I Send My Love/ Next Time We Meet, ’56 (Hollywood 1056)

  • No info found for artist, title or label #.


Bobby Ford & The Blazers (Oakland) – Part One Grasshopper {I}/ Part Two Grasshopper {I}, ’60 (Luck (Oakland) 105)

  • In error, the book included with Morry Williams & The Kidds listing.


Eddie Foster & The Blazers (Oakland) – I Goofed/ One More Change, ’60 (Luck (Oakland) 104

  • Not listed in book.


Blazers (Oakland CA) (Eddie Foster & The) – You Are The Only One/ I Need Love, ’61 (Lyons 108)

  • The book listed as Blasers.
  • The group is credited as ‘The Hollidays (& The Blazers Band)’ on Lyons 107.


Blazers (Kansas) (Rodney & The)

– Teenage Cinderella/ Summertime Rock {I}, ’60 (Kampus 100)

– Teenage Cinderella/ Rolling Along, ’60 (Doré 572)

– Oriental Nightmare {I}/ Warpaint {I}, ’60 (Kampus 150704)

  • Not included in book.  Scans found.

– Snowwhite [sic]/ Tell Me Baby, ’61 (Doré 588)

Blue School/ Wrinkles, ’64 (Kampus 812)

  • Not included in book.  Scans found.

– Short Fat Fannie/ Bony Maronie (Kampus 6264)

  • Not included in book.  Scans found.


as Don Downing (w Rodney & The Blazers) – Jivin’ Jean/ A Bird In The Hand, ’62 (Chan 108 & Abner 7003)

  • Not included in book.  Scans found.


as Rodney Lay (with The Blazers) – It’s All Over But The Crying/ Little Orphan Annie, ’62 (Chan 110)

  • Scans found.


As/RCS Discogs, the Blazers included Bob York, Pete “Peaches” Williams, Don Downing and Bob Scott.


Blazers (NY) (ref Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez) – So Nice/ Wobble Party, ’61 (Winley 1001) {I}


Blazers (Virginia):

as Jimmy Feagans & The Jap Curry Blazers – Saturday Night/ No Matter, ’61 (Howard 501)


as Jimmy Anthony & The Jap Curry Blazers – ‘Fore Day In The Morning/ Eternal Thing, ’61 (Howard 502)


by The Dwellers & The Jap Curry Blazers – Annie/ Tell Me Why, ’61 (Howard 503)

Jap Curry is from Hampton Virginia.  He and the group backed many artists/groups.


Cavaliers (NY) previously Little Bernie & The Blazers – My Love, I Have You/ By The Light Of The Silvery Moon, ’62 (Josie 884)


Blazers (Kansas City) – I Don’t Need You/ Lovin’ To Do, ’66 (Brass 306)

  • Garage Rock on Brass (Nashville Tennessee Label).

Gms:  Dennis Hord, Harold Halter from Kansas City MO.


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