Bell Hops Groups

Bell Hops (NY) – Please Don’t Say No To Me/ Merchant Street Blues, ’56 (Tin Pan Alley 153-154)


gms: Frankie Tamburo, Harry Tamburo and Sal Tamburo as/ Whitedoowopcollector.

They became the Voxpoppers.


Bell Hops (NY)

– Please Pretty Please/ Searching, ’57 (Tin Pan Alley 183-84)

– Ring Dang Doo Ting A Ling/ Angela, ’58 (Barb 100)

– Teenage Years/ Carmella, ’58 (Barb 101-102)


gms (second group): Paul La Rocca, Larry Bene & Chuck Bowman as/


Bell Hops (Alabama) (Buddy White & The) – For Your Love/ Who But A Fool, ’60 (The Wheeler Dealers 501)


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    • Hi. I read the contradicting reviews in Cash Box and Billboard. The reviewers seem to be looking for different content. At the time, Larry Bene was the lead. There are still no scans but both sides play at

      Thanks for sending the article links. Stay well.

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