Bel Aires & Bel-Aires/Belairs & Related Groups

Bel Aires & Bel-Aires Groups


Bel Aires (Chicago) – My Yearbook/ Rockin’ An’ Strollin’, ’58 (Decca 30631)

  • Scans credit as Bel Aires.
  • Book listed as Bel-Aires.
  • As/ Wikipedia, some members form the Sheppards in 1959.


Bel-Aires (Crown Grp) – Tick Tock/ Cherry Pie, ’54 (Crown 126)

  • Cover version of Marvin & Johnny hit on Modern.
  • As/ Marv Goldberg, this group is a black and white duet.


Bill Perry (Acc Harold Price & Orchestra (w The Bel-Aires) (Birmingham Alabama Label) – You’ll Never Be Mine Again/ Hoppin’ Boppin’ And Rockin’, ’55 (GG 521)


Vel-Aires as Bel-Aires (Los Angeles)

– This Paradise/ Let’s Party Awhile, ’55 (Flip 303-First Pressing)

– White Port & Lemon Juice/ This Is Goodbye, ’55 (Flip 304)


Bel-Aires (Newark NJ Label) as Billy Ford (Vocal Billy Ford & Bel-Aires) – I’d Never Forgive Myself/ I’m Looking For A Lover, ’55 (Ruby 103)

  • No b-side scan.


Bel-Aires (NJ) – Hope And Pray/ Space Walk, ’59 (Arc 4451)


Bel-Aires (Chicago) (Eddy Bell & The)

– Anytime/ The Masked Man (Hi-Yo Silver), ’60 (Mercury 71677)

– Knock, Knock, Knock (Knocking On My Door)/ Wear My Class Ring On A Ribbon, ’61 (Mercury 71763)


Bel-Aires (Chicago) (Eddy Bell & The) – I’m Still In Love With You, ’61 (Lucky Four 1012)

as Eddy Bell (Narrated by Mike Holliday & Mel Hall) – The Great Great Pumpkin, ’61 (Lucky Four 1012)


Bel-Aires (La Puente CA) (Little D & The) – Are You My Girl/ Scratch {I}, ’62 (Raft 604)

  • No scans found.


Belairs & Related Groups


Belairs (Coral Group) – Sweet Sixteen/ Louisiana Rug Roll, ’56 (Coral 61605)


Belairs (Coral Group) (Lee Bartell & The) – By You, By You/ Sonya’s Place (Coral 61735)

  • Book listed as (Lee Bantell) and dated N/A.  All date 1956.
  • Scans found.


Belairs (PA) (Barry Petricoin & The) – Pretty Little Angel/ Come Back To Sorrento {I}, ’62 (Al-Stan 103A-104B)

A later bootleg scan (with visible spelling errors):

Barry Petricoin & The Pretenders (Bethlehem) – Pretty Little Angel, ’N/A (Al-Stan X1004 (103A))

  • Music by The Belairs (1961).

Pretenders (Bethlehem) – The Day You Are Mine, ’N/A (Al-Stan 1004 (105A))

  • Lead Vocal: ‘Skip’ Pietrobone [sic] (1961).


Four Bel’Aires as Belairs – Tell Me Why/ Where Are You, ’63 (Times Square 23 & Relic 536, ’65)

  • Scans found.


Belairs (Unknown X-Tra Group)

– Rosa (Relic LP 5029 B2)

– Bells (Relic LP 5029 B6)

  • Group is unconnected to Four Bel’Aires (Georgetown DC)).


Bel-Airs (Unknown X-Tra Group) – Oh Baby, ’63 (Times Square 8)

  • Group is unconnected to Four Bel’Aires (Georgetown DC).
  • They are also unrelated to the Decoys on the flip, ‘It’s Going To Be Alright’.


Belairs (San Antonio TX) (Mike & The) (ft Nyolia Moore) – She’s Mine/ Buscando (Searchin’), ’63 (Cobra 6666)

  • No B-side scan.


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